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Benedict Cumberbatch: Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars

  1. believe (vt.)相信;認為(vi.)相信,信仰
  2. break 中斷,休息時間,中止(vt.)打破,折斷,破碎;使中止,打斷;破壞(vi.)打破,破碎
  3. elementary (a.)初等的,初步的;自然力的,元素的
  4. episode 插曲,插話,有趣的事件,一段情節
  5. episodesNoun DJ /ˈepəˌsōd/episodes plural noun; an event or a group of events occurring as part of a larger sequence; an incident or period considered in isolation.the latest episode in the feudsynonyms:incident, event, occurrence, happening
  6. series 系列,叢書,套,級數,組系列,串聯,序列,連續