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  1. accord (v.)一致,符合,和諧,協調;給予,使一致;自願,主動
  2. become (vi.)變成,變得(vt.)適合
  3. disposition 處理,處置權,支配權;佈置,配置,安排;性情,稟性,意向,傾向
  4. imagination 想象力;空想,妄想;想象出來的事物
  5. imaginationsthe faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.
  6. provoke (v.)挑舋,激怒,招惹,引起
  7. reveal (vt.)露出,顯示,透露,揭露,泄露,(神)啟示窗側,門側
  8. truly (ad.)真實地,不假
  9. unless (conj.)除非除…之外