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Living English - Episode 02 - Enjoy Your Stay

  1. appointment u任命,選派;c職位;c約會,約定,約
  2. appointmentsNoun DJ /əˈpointmənt/appointments plural noun; an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place.she made an appointment with my receptionistsynonyms:meeting, engagement, interview, arrangement, consultation, sessionan act of appointing; assigning a job or position to someone.his appointment as presidentsynonyms:nomination, naming, designation, installation, commissioning, engagement, co-optionfurniture or fittings.the room was spartan in its appointments
  3. business事務,貿易,商業,企業,經營;理由,權利
  4. episode 插曲,插話,有趣的事件,一段情節
  5. fund 基金,資金,存款,財源,貯藏(vt.)提供資金,積累
  6. intend (vt.)想要,打算;打算使…為;意指,意思是
  7. mention 提到,言及,陳述(vt.)提到,提及
  8. pretend (vt.)假裝,假託,裝扮(vi.)假裝,裝作
  9. saw 鋸子,諺語(vt.)鋸,鋸開,來回移動(vi.)拉鋸,移動(v.)(vbl.)see的過去式
  10. transfer 遷移,移動,傳遞,轉讓,轉移,過戶,匯兌,換車(vt.)轉移,調轉,調任,改變,傳遞
  11. whittle (vt.)逐漸削薄,削整,削弱,削減(vi.)削木頭大刀,屠刀
  12. politely(ad.)殷勤地,優雅地,委婉地