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  • Mr. Butler, it’s Robert Clark here. Howre you doing?

  • I’m doing okay Robert. What’s up with you?

  • Just need to find out about the status of our bid.

  • Oh yeahIt.. It’s still with me. I..I gotta go over.

  • Well, were really eager to get started. You told me you had a deadline for the month end.. Right?

  • Yeah. Don’t worry, there’s not much to go through. I’ll be awarding the contract by Monday.

  • Oh! That sounds great. I am sure were going to have this relationship.

  • Sure hope so. Let’s talk soon Robert. Gotta go for now.

  • Okay. Thank you Mr. Butler.

  • Hi Colby. I am Allen. We met at the convention last weekRemember?

  • Hey Allen! Good to hear from you. I was going to call you myself.

  • Were you? Well that’s interesting. So tell me, what’s going on?

  • Well, I really enjoyed talking to you about your business model at the convention.

  • Yep, it’s pretty unique, isn’t it?

  • Yeah! The roI is awesome! I was wondering if you can consult for us. We need to improve our operations.

  • Why not? I’d love to consult for you.

  • Think you can drop by sometime?

  • I’ll be in the area sometime next weekGive you a call the day before.

  • Okay. See you then!

  • Hi Mr. Butler. This is Robert.

  • Oh hi Robert! I was going to call you.

  • Really? Hopefully with good news.

  • Well, actually I am sorry, it’'s not so good news.

  • Oh? That’s bad.

  • Well, I had to give the contract to Trenton Associates. Theyve more experience in doing this sort of thing.

  • Have you signed a deal with them already?

  • Yes, in fact… I Just did last evening.

  • Well, I am sorry we lost this opportunity to serve you.

  • Never mind the experience though Mr. Butler, we executed a similar project for Darren Hughes of Beta Incorporated,

  • and we did it faster than Trenton ever could.

  • Is that right? Well, let’s talk again when I have another project, Okey?

  • Thank you Mr Butler. I am looking forward to doing business with you.

  • Hello. Is this Colby Shire?

  • Yep. Colby here. Who’s this?

  • Hi Colby. I am Todd Hoss. I saw your ad on Craigslist about the auto-accessories dealership.

  • Yeah. Were looking for a franchisee in Wichita.

  • Yep. I am in Wichita, and I have a big store in town. I am looking to start something there.

  • Sounds good. What’s the size of your store?

  • It’s nearly 4,000 sq ft over 2 floors.

  • That’s big enough for this business. I can send our rep who will see your establishment and discuss the terms.

  • Okay. When can you send him?

  • He can fly down next week, but you gotta give me some more details about you.

  • Okay, I will email you my profile.

  • Sounds good. I am saving your number to my address book.

  • Deadline : It’s the time or date by which you must complete some job or work.

  • Business Model : This is the name given to how you run your business.

  • It talks about the unique character of your business.

  • Drop By : Drop by means to visit casually or unexpectedly.

  • Sign a Deal : Signing a deal often means signing a contract to do something, but a written document is not always necessary.

  • Dealership : A dealership sells something that’s produced by some other company.

  • For example a Ford car dealership sells cars made by Ford.

  • Establishment : Establishment is another word for business or organization.

  • Profile : A profile is a brief summary of a person or an organization.

  • It has details of what the organization does, and how it is structured.

Mr. Butler, it’s Robert Clark here. Howre you doing?

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