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My name is Volker Strycek
and I'm responsible
for the Opel Performance Center.
I'd like to invite you to take a walk
around our new Astra OPC.
First off, I must give my design colleagues
a big round of applause.
This car is beautifully
as well as aerodynamically designed.
Let's take a look at the front spoiler:
with its aerodynamically shaped edges
and especially the matte chrome inlays
as well as the large air intake system,
which is necessary to supply air to the intercooler
and the water-air cooling.
The rear spoiler is a very important element for us.
It's not just a design feature,
but has an aerodynamic function as well.
With its development we were able to
reduce the rear
and generate downforce.
Let's have a look under the hood.
The most powerful 2 liter all aluminum engine
an Opel ever had.
280 HP, 400 NM torque.
And how do we get this power on the road?
We achieved this by
building a mechanical limited slip differential
alongside with our six speed transmission.
With this differential we are able to
optimally control the slip and always provide
for the best traction and acceleration.
But we don't just want to accelerate,
we want an ideal deceleration as well.
This is the reason why we opted for
a Brembo brake system.
With 4-piston callipers
and 355 mm discs,
all executed in hybrid building technique.
This results in a huge reduction in weight
which is extremely important for the of the vehicle.
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Opel Astra OPC - Volker Strycek and the fastest Astra ever (Part 1)

1512 Folder Collection
Sam published on January 26, 2014
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