B1 Intermediate 8 Folder Collection
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to collide, Rival.
It's a yes red way again.
There is so much around this flight.
Russia don't look so tough, Rock.
Instead of better we take you to foreigners.
Hey, when does the sun come up?
This is detrimental to my Sinuses.
Better changes hour to hour.
Get used to it.
Push up.
Get in the car now.
We have very long Sounds like exactly this in the warriors code, there's no surrender.
Those bodies says knows it's you against you.
It's okay.
We'll attack like your request.
You requested this dumb location.
One You're planning to grow reindeer ism.
I just wanted to get away from things.
The equipment you requested is involved with A They are assigned to you.
Shop around.
Ready to go.
They go.
Oh, I have a bad dream.
Oh, it's okay.
This is below human standards.
There's no intent is you've got a complaint.
We'll crack out here.
You have everything I have been instructed to provide.
We have a finished?
Yes, it must be done.
Those flowers.
I don't think I need it anymore.
No sparring, no TV, nothing.
Is he supposed to train around here?
No TV What about the Rose Bowl game?
Room service, I bet.
I hope they got my comics here.
The president Vacation.
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Rocky 4 "This is Russia? Don't look so tough Rock" scene (HD)

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 16, 2020
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