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Fresh meat State of the Farm
Fresh is bodies a year old. It's a sort of a joke your predecessor this body. Yeah, I'm standing is funny
lady, but funny
You said something about a farm collective farm number five the big field right next to this girl died in the woods
I'm sorry were you about to say right next to the woods
Did you look through them?
no, I
Can look through for what something I can use you identifier?
Glasses the cigarette butt anything if there'd been anything like that with the body team you think we're all lazy
Go back and search the woods. It's after 5:00. I don't care. What time it is
Take an extra man till it's on my authority only area look under every leaf on every tree. All right all right I
Get the idea
Heartless son of a bitch what's he painful? He'll come around his new
Okay merchants key your turn the body's ready for autopsy
no, there's no question how the little girl was killed violent blow to the back of
Shouldn't you do an autopsy on the same?
Did you help me get this job? So I could do your job - is that it comrade burakov?
What is it they're coming in with something for you? They want you to wait home tomorrow's fine. I can't deal with it now
It's after 9:00
Have a nice evening
violent blow to the back of the skull
multiple stab wounds to the face
On the second body as many as 17 stab wounds the face and eyes among the creations of the eye sockets
26 wounds to the chest and breakage suggesting 32 stab wounds with additional disfigurement to the breasts
43 stab wounds to the face along with traces of semen on the sixth victim the penis has been removed approximately 2.3
centimeters above the junction with some additional disfigurement of the genital area
some additional disfigurement
some additional disfigurement
Additional disfigurement of a nature that suggests not so much a sharp instrument as case
yesterday the manager also from Alisha unearthed eight
Bodies in different stages of decomposition and to grab the orders of the gradient of the room with us as info factory eight
Clever I
Assume the time you devoted to their examination with the time you couldn't spare to get cleaned up
Next time a little desk diligence and a little more hygiene
In the rather poorly kept files of my credit sensor
I found records of
Seven other bodies if you don't mind comrade I would like to start by introducing you to the members of the committee
generally ones at the KGB for the Rostov oblast
Comrade yakov
committee chair ski and their comrade ignatiev and of course comrade Wanda Chalk
secretary for ideology of the oblast Communist party
And colonel fetisov I am in charge of the Militia about your office is a small part. I am also
secretary of this committee
Gentlemen this is Comrade Burakov
He is our new forensic expert. They are breeded man who work in basements?
chemistry sets
And can hardly blame them for looking a little startled when they come out into the light?
comment please begin
It's clear that we have a serial killer on our hands already the most prolific in Russian history
We'll have to take extreme methods to stop it
this is say a
Serial killer we understood they were right discrepancies between the wounds inflicted
So what you told us goner and those boys and girls it could be two different men. It could be a gang
There are no serial killers in the soviet state
Well, that sounds more like wishful thinking than it
It is a decadent western Phenomenon
Gentlemen that's all we have for now
Thank you for taking time out of your busy
Schedules keep you abreast of any developments. No pun intended
broken through the halls of power
My God, no wonder nothing is done in this case. It will why because you will be in charge?
What you're in charge of the case in fact of the entire department as we technically don't have one yet?
We have a division that most serious crimes
We put you in charge of the killer Department
the Killer Department
But I'm not even a detective. I'm a forensics man, but you've always wanted to be a detective
Yes, good, then you're in charge
start by making lists of the Manpower and
Logistical support you think you may require
Then outline a general approach to beginning the investigation
Report back to me tomorrow
Good day
We'll do something else
Forgive me, but we reached the top of the regional apartment list in forensics my wife and two kids we've qualified for a two-bedroom
We've been waiting for seven years
if I take the new job - I lose my seniority I
Personally guarantee that you will get the next two-bedroom apartment that becomes available in Rostov
All right now go home and tell your wife about your promotion
next a special report on crime
The deadly combination of heroin addiction and street Crime is Ravaging America's cities as even their own time magazine
Okay, let's hear it
Zero what if this job is so great. Why you so upset about it
I'm supposed to keep it a secret. I won't tell us all
We've got to take your second circle of italy. I'm sorry what the hell have you been doing? They made me move some?
filthy boxes as a factory
Where did you last see? Huh? It's also over a year ago. I don't remember
We sure don't how can you not remember where you last saw?
Did you have fans no she wrote the place or did it too slow?
Dear Friends whoo, what were their names
to the app habits the elect icHika
Again he rode the erectus
You know the trends for fun all the time?
Find the money I'll trade Ya
He finds the money audrey Chica. I know
The elevator the trains that crisscross all russia. I know what they are comrade
I don't ride them, but they do sometimes get in the way of my limousine
if I was hesitant in my reaction that had only to do with a big unease
About what?
The fact that you have only been the detective for 48 hours and your intuition is already, so
Highly developed are you genius or just given to thoughts of enthusiasm I know the killer's method
He picks young people on the times. I think the station. They're all there a
It's over he's confessed
What who confessed some returned from the institution attracting a gypsy is going to show them the murder sites now?
Muscle not your problem. Don't you remember what you told us?
Coaching him you have experienced the clippers
That's it. That's where I cute car
Again, you fucked up. This is how many it's time to 12
It is for an appointment with the springs of pliers on Tuesday comes back Thursday saying it went fine and Monday
I hear they never saw it
Never showed up
Your any explanation for your miserable performance
I'm gonna take you down, and show you to the workers on the line. See what they think of you
This is the man who stopped the train of supply the man who stopped our work today?
If you know where to go, are you hungry?
Hope this latest murder puts to rest the idea that the gypsy boy did it?
why because
He was in custody when this one was killed
so odd
It could be a gang of which. He was only a part we can't discount the man is a suspect quite so cavalierly
He did confess
Have some requests to make
We have 16 bodies and no reason to believe we found all that are out there in my opinion
It's a state of emergency and for that reason. I have to ask for more men a lot more I
Also need computers so that I can start the library of information about the case
And I need to communicate with the FBI's serial murder task Force in Quantico, Virginia
the largest storehouse of information about serial Murderers in the world
And finally we need to publicize the case as widely as possible first
to warn people of the danger second to get more of the unknown bodies identified and
third in the hope of bringing forth a witness to one of the crimes
No, no - what. No - everything
Are you mad there's a maniac out there? Who'll kill every child in a goddamned it is insolence
This is something you want to say
You handled that quite deftly on that chuck is a stupid man. Who may be stupid, but he is in charge?
How can it be that you don't seem to know how things work in the soviet system?
I know how things work, but right now there are 16 dead children
And I want a little special treatment the strength of the bureaucracy is measured by its ability to resist giving anyone special treatment. I
Don't appreciate your sense of humor one day. We'll the
Reason they said no to your demands
To ask for more men or computers for that matter
Is to admit to our superiors in Moscow that we are overwhelmed which they will never do
to ask the FBI for help
Is to admit to the west that we are behind in both forensic techniques and managing information?
Which they will never do
And to publicize the case is to admit that such crimes exist in the soviet Union
Which is the one thing they would rather die than do?
Publicly admit that anything is wrong
The only way that I have been able to get anything done
Is behind closed doors?
By hoarding favors by bribing by wheedling, but that will take time
It's always done only in this case people will die
people will die and it will take all our strength to suffer these outrages, but suffer them we must
Because we are the people who have to catch this monster comrade burakov
you and I
As you may have noticed
No one else is even willing to try
Good day you care about nothing, but making your superiors happy
You're right. I should spend more time trying to alienate them perhaps you could teach me
You say you and I have to catch this monster
What you mean is that? It's up to me, isn't it?
That's why a beginner is the perfect choice if I fail, I'll be dangling out there by myself
Happy birthday, Nadia
In times of sabotage what we're doing here
She doesn't understand be supposed to be undercover
Is supposed to let the killer feel comfortable and try to pick somebody up?
Did you think wearing your uniform would help?
It was praising very good here this morning. So what it is only one coat
My brother-in-law has a long coat. I'm sure I can borrow it tomorrow. I took battery today that
Give me the coat
I'll get it back later. We solve the case
In the years since we discovered the first bodies we found six more and interviewed eight hundred Potential witnesses
For all that we have no suspect
In fact all we've been able to do is discredit the theory that a gang of retard eights from the institute could have been involved
And according to some of the people in this room. We haven't even been able to do that
If you continue to forbid us to publicize the case I can't honestly say when I expect our luck to change
You're saying you're no less than when you began
not exactly
Bring in job enough
This is comrade Gorbunov special prosecutor from Moscow
Danke thank you
gentlemen without wishing to embarrass anyone in particular
I must tell you that I've been sent here to take over this investigation because of its poor focus and slipshod execution
My superiors in Moscow agree with me that we should drop the train station surveillance immediately not only because it's costly in terms of man-hours
But also because it hasn't produced a single viable suspect in a year and because I'd say this with all due respect to my predecessor
It's based exclusively on one man's intuition
Well, I'm afraid that's not good enough anymore as of now
We are under investigation as professionals as well now
Standing around is no longer our style aggressive pursuit is
will aggressively pursue
contents are environmentally unknown sexual deviance for the obvious reason the defeat the nature of the crimes and
particularly on homosexuals going to the fact that there are so many young boys among the victims and
We will concentrate to a lesser extent on doctors and surgeons
because of the precision of the visitations
Does that sound sense attractively to everyone I?
object most very satisfactory
extremely satisfactory, I
particularly like the idea of investigating known homosexuals I
Think it's the best idea we've heard in a rather
Pathetic history of this case we want to thank you comrade Gorbunov
We understand you can understand the area for another day or so I?
Trust you will have enough time to get birkhoff's team pointed in the right direction before you go back to Moscow. I'm sure I will
We're done here. I think
Why not?
but then
You heard him he'd be here for 24 hours and then he leaves we still run the day-To-day operation
In a bureaucracy it is important to know which skirmishes to join and which to ignore
We are developing quite a network of informants among the City's homosexual community for what that's worth I
Found it fascinating that secretary bondarchuk was so vehement about pursuing them didn't you?
There is a whole world full of gossip and Innuendo out there to explore Conrad Butakov
perhaps if you took an interest
It would be a little more like a heart
You think a man is what he says don't you colonel?
He is if he talks for a living
Man is what he fights for
Well, I don't fight for anything
I know
Is a doctor with a reputation if you know what I mean?
As I suspected comrade its fornication. I made some drawings
Come in
cheerful technique
Why are we arresting so many perfectly respectable doctors?
Because we were total you're told to investigate them not necessarily to detain them
The doctors who are party members with the tennis briefly as possible?
The sexual deviants who are party members we tend to keep a little longer?
For the irons. I'll speak to the men about that comrade. I'll take care of it. Why aren't you investigating policemen comrade burakov?
Wouldn't you say they know more about getting away with murder than any other group?
Wouldn't you say that you yourself would make a good suspect?
I know, it's late. I'm sorry. I wasn't asleep
under Chuck suspected cop now
Someone who knows how to kill and get away with it. I suppose. It's a possibility
The one who suspected me
That's absurd. I'm afraid don't
you notice like
Someone could come in life to take me away
If you knew they were coming come Friday, what would you do different this week at work?
Not good eat
Where are you going over a stupid Saturday?
Madison work a threat. I have to take four work to make up for something I fail to do
Why doesn't it surprise me?
I have some vodka in my back. They do
those Julienne Transfer God's sake help me ah
I'm sorry who saw it? I'm sorry
You okay?
This one. What's that this came off?
a little respect for the Dead
I'm on every piece of garbage within 200 yards of here checked out
For fingerprints and fibers and bodily fluids every can every battle you understand me
It was Gonna sail it won't be because of something we left undone
You understand what I'm saying. God damn it
I'll shake them up for you. I'll get them working
Okay, let's move out this series as you can trace if moving you see anything interesting you'll let me know
Least answer to them chicle - may have your bag
six-two killer under arrest I
was on my way home and
Talked to the young people because I used to be a teacher. I always talk to young people
I had rope and a knife in my back because I work in a factory
And was anita
Do you think personally I don't think he's savage enough, but what do I know?
And some more paperwork the dog's day after day absolutely I
Have a suspect
what I did
Let this came back negative
Semen samples a type a b
Chikatilo is type a I
Don't believe it. It's true. What are you talking about? It's true. What does that mean a
Blood test is for 11 variables the FBI's is for 149
How do you know that oh no movie difference doesn't make what the blood test says you don't know what you're talking about
Comrade burakov
Are you aware that your prisoner is a member of the Communist party?
Is he not aware that this man is a party member in good standing?
Are you are you not aware? I'm aware of it comrade. I'm a detective remember you approved my appointment
And you're holding him anyway as is my right after his blood tests came back negative
Who told it that what difference does it make did you tell him what difference does it make it makes a difference to me?
Let him go now
Let him go or suffer the consequences
release Citizen Chikatilo
Gragas no not yet
Strangers worst not finding bodies and finding them
At least each time we found another body we had another chance to find a fingerprint or Witness
This way I'd rather find three at a time and not in a year
Let's get out of here let this work
Let him - the boy is in a holding cell downstairs. You're not connected to the murder
But he did give us a fascinating little piece of gossip
Can we let him go?
What me let him go well, why not?
Gave you your goddamn gossip. Why can't you just let him go?
I'm sorry, please let's show some mercy is acting not a criminologist child
All right, go ahead, but don't get anyone else involved
with myself
You're rather find three bodies and none
You're rather fine citizens. Ted. If it would make your job easier
Have you become that bad less I do not think this is a fruitful line of enquiry I do
Viktor vasilievich birkhoff you stand by these remarks
You stand by the statement that your rather fine bodies than not?
It's just been crying
The man who is entrusted the safety of our children cry?
little cover
Against vitesse off I have your husband here. He's having a problem
Yes, yes, I know. I have arranged for him to take a vacation at a rest cuba
Can I persuade you to come and pick him up?
Replace him
no one
Well is that?
What did you say after five straight years on the same assignment?
Lieutenant burakov sure is taking his first vacation
His job will be waiting for him when he comes back
Get out are you right now?
if you ever
Accomplish what have you? I don't care what I have that information. There's a 19 year old boy you maintain in the town of Shakti
in the apartment you have arranged for him and
The gifts that you have given him
And the dates of your last three overnight visits
if you attempt to fire the tenant protocol
Now or at any Time I?
Will send all this to your wife?
I recommended you for this position. I will always be indebted to you
Well you better I've been in there. We stand at all. So I'm close
I'll friend dickface just about that said I was clean I'm gonna get stuck him
I know I said I'm playing didn't I do you know what happens down. I said I'll
Get over
the kiss-off stopped by with a hum a
Whole hand where'd you get a hand? He's very well connected I bet he knows everyone is Forc
He's very proud of himself for defending you I?
Think he feels. He's finally earned your respect happy
Will you tell him when you go back to work? I think it would mean a lot to him?
I knew I could talk you into it
Lieutenant burakov, you're ten days early. I feel much better. I'm glad you haven't been home I
came here first I
Wanted to thank you for taking care of my family while I was away
for saving my job
You were right about knowing which skirmishes to ignore
not really, it's just
You spend enough time with a lie the idea roaring starts to see more and more reasonable
There's something I wanted to ask you about was it
While I was away, I spoke to a psychiatrist
I'd like to bring one into the case. Maybe have some insight
You are aware. I am sure that
Never in history of the soviet Union has a psychiatrist and brought into a murder case I know
He will be the first
Gonna Make history
What did you just come in here and go out of your way to make me feel good then ask me for something oh?
My God are you learning how to manipulate people?
I've created a monster
What about the pSychiatrist?
I'll see what I can do all right?
Thank you. Now. Do you want to go home or you want to try and ease back into it come in?
Hmm. There's another body in the woods
Your timing is impeccable
I'm ready
What was that about?
He likes to examine a terrain a little before the rest of us get in there and stomp around too much
It's Martha. It doesn't do it much them
So you would say that heals a good detective. I'll say that I've never worked with anyone as good excuse me
Can I tell you the order of events you're gonna we start with any digital evidence on or adjacent to the body?
Thank you cast of this. I will have it on your desk by 6:00. I
Know it's irregular, but I hope one at all you will be interested enough, and what we've said today to get involved
if you are please stay
Thank you
It is embarrassing to see grown men run from the responsibilities. It is like seeing your parents blog for the first time
They are afraid
To be a psychiatrist in this country is to be an expert on Paranoia whether you meant to be or not
My aren't you a feign. I'm sorry do I look like a man of courage to you
I'm bookin oski open often air. Well. I've always been interested in abnormal psychology
Which is a dangerous thing in the soviet state?
Anyway, and was fascinated by the pattern of this wrinkle as you described
I'd like to try to help
I'd like to think about it well
And then write my ideas down if I have any accent of a lot did that sound all mighty?
I'd like to be as cautious as possible when risking my career. Oh
my God
Beating a hero. He's enormously taxing. I have only been doing it for seven or eight minutes and already I feel
gradually elevated
What did it you must live live a great even classroom?
It's alright now. You know
What is subtle of all this all this harm? If we didn't suffer from with the most of our selves?
Read the whole thing last night
It's intuitive well-defended
Little chance until homosexual
man with a wife and kids and the sexual problem
And maybe a job working with young people a worker in a children's home a teacher
Will have to have someone go through the card file again
This is interesting speculation
But certainly not gonna close it enough to persuade me to change the goals of the investigation
Not the Goals comrade first the methods
Will continue arresting our sexuals?
Even if it doesn't directly contribute to the resolution of the case we will still be doing society a service
Repeating our top story under the new policy of Perestroika
Soviet leaders agreed yesterday to Surrender the party's 72 year Monopoly on power
and I'll competitors George bush kept on a Chairman to congratulate him on his commitment to democratic reform and
Assure him that hopes of the American people are with us, and we charge you called Dr.. Dorian
We'll change things. I don't know hit and run on the telephone since movement
Just keep at it. All right. We will see
Can you get him by?
You have to talk
No, not now tomorrow at the office. Why what is it tomorrow morning? Don't make me suffer colonel
There'll be a new head of the investigation by tomorrow morning
Come to the committee room at 8:00, and we'll meet them together. Who is it? It's not decided yet?
I'm flying to Moscow right now to see if I can influence their decision. That's what I stopped to tell you
Don't start worrying yet
If I ever let you down
Thank you so much for your support
See you tomorrow morning
Good luck
Where are they who a committee? We are ripped?
Who's the new head of the investigation you?
Congratulations colonel oh
actually I
am a general now I
Don't have my insignia yet
But they are all all
Congratulations general you are a colonel
Congratulations carl
Now sit down let's get started
and now the prefect of Militia for the entire oblast
Reporting only to Moscow I can allocate three doses any way I see fit and then considering this case my highest priority you
Need men you need publicity you need communications
You have it
Like a tease in Moscow yesterday there fantastic
You have a telephone appointment?
Tonight at midnight
To speak with the head of the FBI's serial murder task Force special agents, bigfoot
He told me late last night
That he has been following your work on this case with great interest for about five years I
didn't ask him how
He considers you a man of iron will for what it's worth I concur
He also told me that
He rotates his people off serial murder cases every 18 months whether they like it or not to prevent the inevitable
psychological consequences of too much frustration I
Pretended that I had known that all along he thinks that I pushed you and pushed you in search of your limits
until I realized that you didn't have any
privately I
offer my deepest apologies to you and your wife I
Hope that someday you can forgive
Me my ignorance anyway
he suggested I not tell you this next but
He said that he starts a new group of recruits through the program every 16 weeks and the first lecture that he gives is
always about you
he calls you the one man in the world that he would least like to have after him an
Intelligent methodical painstaking passionate detective who would rather died and give up?
Again, I concur
And gotta cough, I'm sorry here. They go
Of a plan I've been thinking about it for a long time
We intend to have a visible uniformed presence
24 hours a day in every single train station within 50 miles of rostov
every station
except three
the three smaller stations of the Matthean line in a cap man forest
There we will have only undercover men
There we want him to make his next attempt to kill one of our children
in order for this plan to work
We need you to do a job
We need you to accost anyone who stops to talk to a child or a young woman?
Anyone who stops to talk to any stranger at all?
We need you to demand their identity cards and ask their business and take down their answers in your notebooks
We need you to search them and above all we need you to do this visibly
We need everyone in the station to notice
What's that? I didn't hear that
again, yeah
Do you think you are capable of performing these tasks? Yeah?
Do you think you are capable of performing them without subtlety yes?
without discretion, yes
without tat
What's long ago the cop took this bigger chance and failed given shot. No, I said I hope it works
Don't worry. I'm gonna let them shoot you not without a trial
Stockard well, but we're only seven weeks in and already. We're getting lazy
I have a report here from one of your stations that reads no suspicious characters in three days three day
The whole idea is to stay visible?
It's a price inspection. You want to come on
Saying is keep the pressure on okay, and I'll let you in on a little secret surprise inspection in half an hour tell your men
Toes defeat the purpose of the surprise just for that station you have to give them a little sugar once in a while anyway
give it derogation flips
Get up here
I had to go to the toilet I was not no longer than five minutes. Give me your interrogation slips
There are so many
There from Since Friday also. They hold a weekend
How long have you been here?
36 hours
not knowing if
No, sir
My partner got sick and they didn't send anyone else from the station because of the holiday
Let's look through vision
No, harm. Done. You can send these along with the rest of stage when you leave
What is it?
Did you personally speak to this man?
Yes, sir
He came up out of the woods and they would bet on his jacket
She was well dressed, but she was dirty, so I asked him his business
He said he'd visited his mother in Bell Curve which is a tiny hamlet near here
Which makes sense?
Except I was born in bulk off, and I didn't remember her. So I wrote him up
Producer Jim no sir he had an opposite anyone he just looked up
Do you remember this name she could kill him?
We have bank
Consider yourself relieved at this post
Take my car to the station immediately tellem to cable Moscow
I want 200 soldiers here prepared to search these woods in one hour got it one hour
What is happening to me my heart is pounding?
Call it feel tight
At the hell is it
This is step back commas. Just on your part. Thank you
get the team together and
Start sending soldiers home and let the general has some other useful
I have 49 of them on my conscience you mustn't blame yourself
not that rotten
Shit my caffeine daughter Natasha Deunan Cova
I'm sorry
You'll be okay. You want me to send someone over here
For what it's worth, they have helped us catch him
Just keep walking
How did you do this walk and box film problem?
Do you mind removing all your clothes space? Oh?
remove your clothes
How did you get these abrasions on the head of your penis?
How did you get these abrasions of the head of your penis?
Don't move
Can you honestly tell me that you feel remorse for killing children?
before cutting off their genitals
Don't Villiers to convert your time
My stuff are you a human?
This is the disaster. I
Can't be because we can't
He demanded through the interrogation himself
And he still has a lot of friends
and talk about my crimes - what then reba had
I'll tell what we crimes - but I'm exhausted today. Did you get?
Good now it's in the official record
We're not getting anywhere
What are you talking about, then you hear what he just said?
He said that yesterday - it's the only way he knows to get you to stop badgering him
What do you want I?
Want you to let us bring in someone who can get somewhere with him?
On during interrogation, you're wasting time five days already
With no other evidence that we do not get a confession by the 28th
We have to let him go I'm doing the interrogation. Are you willing to take that risk just to satisfy your ego
You'll handle them quite desk lee
Will not suffer that stupidity anymore
You may be stupid, but he's in charge
What is this?
This is your confession
In 1978 you fondled address of an 11 year old girl. You're mocking me
It's true. I don't give a damn it true. We're talking about murder here. You know that
He's gonna fall. I was fired from my teaching job for this incident. I know that
What does have a kind of game? Are you playing?
She doesn't kick your tail up. I asked you a question
Tomorrow is our last day. We will have giving I don't know there
If you point the man who gets in to confess won't that reflect happily on your wisdom?
Whom do you have in mind colonel?
I've never done this before. I'm terrified
I'm booked an Auskey. I'm a psychiatrist and I I am I
wrote a paper about you three years ago, I
called your citizen x
I'm sure a lot of it is Wildly incorrect would you like me to read it to you?
Pardon me
Yes, please
There's some introductory rubbish designed to make me sound project stupid. We can ignore that in here. I should think
Citizen x has probably had a tendency towards isolation since childhood
His internal world filled with fantasy is closed to those around him even those close to him
the adolescence of such a person is as a rule painful because he's often subjected to the laughter of his peers and
At a time when success among them is the subject of his secret dreams
His sexuality is not noticeable to those around him
However, it is an external
Asexuality that frequently coincides with steady masturbation and bright are not analysis
He's painfully sensitive in company incapable of flirting and coaching however it cannot be excluded that
He has fathered a family
There is reason to think that
Citizen eggs as a weakness of sexual potency
This is supported by the fact and signs of entry of the sexual organ into the sexual paths of the victims have been found in
Nine cases and that in only to the length of contact has been sufficient to reach orgasm
With the rest of the cases involving ejaculation on the body of the Indians
He sits else crosses throughout his victim
the Orgasm and ejaculation
Most likely occur at this stage of the Act and in this position sitting on the victim in the period of her agony
The blinding of some of the victims could be a symbol of his power over the partner
Or an inability to bear his or her gaze
Even if it is unconscious or possibly a reflection of exes
belief in the folktale that the victims eyes
retain an image of the killer even after death
It is classed is it not you believe the police might see your image in their eyes
What about the objection was I right about that sitting on the victim in the period of arachne?
You ejaculated while stabbing them
Check with your stepping
sometimes for the eye sometimes
with or without additional masturbation
elusive, Olli with and that accounts for the abrasions on your own forensic masturbation
with the last one especially
Natasha do you cover?
After killing her I still had some difficulties I
threaten myself trying to achieve release
Congratulations gentlemen
He says something witty but he's overcome with emotion right now
Thank you both
May I say that together you make a wonderful person?
Okay, then decide Amy
This is times Denfeld these are the men who fought?
Step to the door please
Please don't turn around you
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«CITIZEN X» - Full Movie, Historical, Crime, Thriller / Russian Serial Killer Chikatilo, FullHD 1080

27 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 12, 2020
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