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It's much longer than Oracle Arena for the Sixers, three and two on their Western road trip.
The rear view get a double from Kevin Durant and in sooth Julia, the extra rebound smoothly from the elbow.
You did well to avoid contact.
Hey, Step was fouled.
Squeezes through a guy £275 wide.
Covington's game.
Catch and shoot averages 12 a game on catch and shoot Covington in seconds on about Julia running and be the offense you lose in a month.
Good place.
It's hard to know which six years of open 34 Warriors to five on Sorry bead from deep.
He's got Durant on the switch plate.
Came to bother him.
This guy can shoot Sorry, hitting three shot clock at seven plays, getting all they can eat right.
It is not step to being committed.
Billy is open 7 to 10.
Durant just didn't catch the ball shot clock at seven k d.
There was a foul that was a wild throw up with Steel coming, Goodness gracious. 00:01:58.070 --> 00:02:0.730 And Robert Covington has put Philly up 15. 00:02:1.160 --> 00:02:2.210 That was a tough shot. 00:02:3.510 --> 00:02:4.660 Harry wanted contact. 00:02:4.660 --> 00:02:8.660 Didn't get stepped through. 00:02:9.680 --> 00:02:14.410 The veil will commit the foul, Holmes puts it in one of the best in the league.
That and this to anyone not named Covington shooting.
That's a good son.
Right to the rim.
You just have to do what you can.
Do something this in least keep pace.
Caballero denied by Draymond, but Reddick coming nearly falling out of bounds.
Good idea.
Throwback to stab.
It was falling out of a two on one, and it's gonna be a layout that, actually that's just psychology from Steve Kerr. 00:02:58.550 --> 00:03:5.750 He lets the guys he knows these guys who tells us to easy Jim because he doesn't want the Warriors to get this to 10. 00:03:5.840 --> 00:03:7.140 You are 11 points. 00:03:7.140 --> 00:03:8.930 He wants to keep piling on. 00:03:9.680 --> 00:03:11.450 Al almost ran into David West.
Great Mom's got McConnell.
That's a layer of good recognition.
Down 24.
Dubs are slowly but surely.
Getting back in the game is west.
Tips in the living initially shot clock in five West went for the steal.
Here comes Simmons, hanging and finishing look for a switch.
This is all been seven.
Medic has been Super Philadelphia, giving the Warriors Air eight plus game nicely thrown her shop there through the best in the league. 00:03:57.530 --> 00:04:1.540 Go reached with Simmons with hand on for years. 00:04:3.620 --> 00:04:4.680 Just don't get down very much. 00:04:5.840 --> 00:04:15.050 Beat inside, check in lob on Dream on Sock a d three.
But you couldn't use that.
It's gonna be in a five point swing thing this three.
Very well, Sarge, You can't hit, but is there to tip it?
Home League has been robbed of amazing players with foot injury, right?
Beat inside.
Good passing.
So he's not 100% in shape.
Yeah, about that, Raymond K d.
And there is a three after the second quarter.
Would love to reignite another one here in the third step back.
Steph Curry has made a three and keep running. 00:04:50.160 --> 00:05:5.900 Cady gonna go right at Reddick and in amongst 36 years, he puts it in and draws the files to state Ben being down 24 Covington sees just parted another one way. 00:05:5.910 --> 00:05:6.650 Got a lane here. 00:05:7.150 --> 00:05:11.430 Zaza beats and be down and beat my losses.
He did have a stress fracture in the back mess around with Rocket that last time when he collided with that support.
Six before Durant scored on the other end.
We've got a single digit game.
Must cover shoots, Covington reload and bottoms of three clocks to Katie Know what he does and buries it from the corner.
Covington's human.
He misses a three Fremont running and step beautifully throw Durant has been feeling.
It is the high score, and there's looting, the offensive rebound.
Perfect feet to staff and it's down.
The defense has been good. 00:05:51.720 --> 00:06:0.350 Thompson mid range runner Steph took into trouble and still somehow got it to Nick Young. 00:06:0.350 --> 00:06:0.650 It is. 00:06:0.650 --> 00:06:2.940 Three gets an assist out of it. 00:06:3.750 --> 00:06:7.550 He's used to that quick Pretty's on a shot you can see, goes down and gets it before anybody else. 00:06:8.520 --> 00:06:10.500 McConnell beats Nick Young in the base lock.
They didn't expect him little rolling block by.
Indeed, it's better than I remember.
Steph Curry with three to the outside.
That smart hurry d three.
Steph Curry wants to get this frame on down the lane with dung curry decision.
They just can't afford the money.
That doesn't mean they're not going to re sign him later on, Livingston from the baseline, flew by.
Medical team Ready David West that pick and fade and beat. 00:06:56.890 --> 00:07:5.100 He's not within six feet of it, you know, just kind of feeling as he goes out of the double on and beat, and that's a good look to get adjusted. 00:07:5.170 --> 00:07:6.650 Your bread ground is insistent. 00:07:8.070 --> 00:07:9.140 This is a wide open look.
Livingston out with Spurs reserve player.
That was kind of his guy.
Number 25 spent seven different numbers with those guys were better Live and West running the floor West shot clock.
David's looking for cutter.
Get a bang and bump himself on the left hand.
David shoot over Medic and he knows it steps around.
Old Town has a goaltending becoming an elite player, and he has no jump shot.
Is making that guy has a jump shot.
San Antonio Turn around 39.
It's this that was Simmons challenge to focus the next couple minutes of your time out here because this is it's not all about scoring.
Yeah, that's a good boy.
It's kind of a lost thing coaches about.
That's a great, great finish.
Steph Curry.
That was one of the best finishes I've seen him take this year there.
It's right.
Where to go Frame on cycling around great ball movement.
T D flipped it in through the foul.
So in the two game season, Syriza's Lalu Kabarole shot clock, it's seven steps springs free.
Raymond inside, the Pachulia lay in and there it is in the raft.
McConnell Spinning out heretic J.
It's a three. 00:08:59.920 --> 00:09:8.330 I think they want a record of all the players, their teams in the West Warriors. 00:09:8.340 --> 00:09:11.440 This will take the taste that taste, but it is done.
They're one and one.
On the trip.
They were down 24 win it by eight.
Steph Curry.
A remarkable night in filling.
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Golden State Warriors V.S Philadelphia 76ers: Full Game Highlights- November 18, 2017

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 11, 2020
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