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Hello, everyone.
So, over the past couple streams, we've been discovering some new things.
Very funny things.
And I'm going to show one of them to you right now.
So I uploaded a video yesterday.
It was my latest clips of the month video, and in it there was Ah, something rather strange.
Let me just show it.
They must be holed up somewhere else.
Well, that's no test.
Or look, dude, I wonder if that caused the blue screen right there?
Yeah, that caused the blue screen throwing a brick bottle, nail bomb or smoke bomb at a severed head in the last of us crashes thegame.
All right, was it?
This is me playing right here.
Let me play.
We just got through.
Reckon some people.
The only way you can get a severed head is from Bill killing one with a machete.
So it's kind of rare that you get this animation, but if you d'oh nail bomb, brick bottle or smoke bomb an arrow, an arrow will not cause it.
Just make sure like the ring isn't showing.
It has to be flat against the head.
Yeah, and it works every single tie, huh?
We now have intentional game crashes.
Although to be totally honest, there was always there was always one other intentional game crash.
Uh, let me show you right here.
Give me one second.
I need to find it.
Um, okay, I found it.
So we're in the surgery.
If you've already seen this video, you can intentionally get a game crash specifically in this in the Searchlight, if you kill the last enemy of the section and yourself at the same time via a bomb.
So it looks a little something like this.
Which side you getting off, pal?
Joel is like next to no health.
It crashes the game, he dies and you die by a bomb on the same frame.
You guys have already seen the trick?
Yeah, and that's the Onley.
Other instance I can think of of intentionally crashing game is probably more somewhere in the game.
But this this one is what we discovered only like two or three days ago.
Throwing bricks, bottles, nail bombs, smoke bombs at severed heads, crashes the game.
Nothing about it.
There are.
There aren't that many sections where you can get access to an infected severed head.
There are no severed head on humans.
It only works for infected.
Uh, only Bill.
Consider them in Bill Sound, and then starting in the damn, you get a machete, and then in the ranch, um, an axe.
And then in the ranch, you get a machete.
You can use those yourself to get a special execution against runners.
If you attack them from the front on, chop their head off, then you can do it there.
Which means if you have a machete, your acts durable enough, you can also use it in the tunnel.
So really certain parts in Bill's Town, um, the university and then the tunnel, and I think that's it.
But it's really funny.
Now if you want quick access for yourself to try it, um, you can go to Bill's Town right after he's done with the You're done with upside down shooting section.
He cuts off a runner's head right here already loaded up.
It'll work.
Shops head off.
Even though it's like an in game cuts, you regain control right here.
We have a severed head.
It crashes the game so it doesn't just have to be during the game.
Play the spot.
They're in Bill's Town and then in the very next spot where Bill, you're heading to his armory and there's that runner in the trap like sounds to me, there might be trouble in paradise chops that runner's head off.
You could do it there, too.
It's just so far here.
I'll do it one more time just cause it's this isn't something I'm ever going to stop laughing at.
I guess I can see how it slipped past the def team.
You know, Qiwei testers isn't really something you test, but, oh, man, it's just such a strange flaw with the game.
I wonder why.
Like, what's the technical reason for this happening?
It's so rare that it doesn't matter to a casual player, but I wonder if anybody knew about this before shipping it.
That's what I'd like to know.
It's so funny, and I know I'm repeating myself.
But brick bottle nail bomb smoked it, even works like you could do the throw, nail bomb or place one at your feet if you place it and you place it just right that it lands on its head, it still crashes the game.
So just pressing, uh, I use our one to fire and reload.
If you just press are one to drop, it lands on his severed head, crashes the gate.
All right, loading screens.
I know, but I just want to show I just want to show it again.
Like I said, if I was wait for Bill to cut off a head, it's gonna take a while.
So these are very quick and easy ways to do it.
And again, the one right before the armory.
That was that.
Is that where you are?
It's like waking up from a bad dream or something.
I love it.
I love it so much.
All right.
And that's pretty much That's pretty much it.
That's all for this video and what I wanted to show you.
I love this game.
See you guys next time.
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Throwing Stuff at an Infected's Severed Head Crashes The Last of Us

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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