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wait Now.
Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be as we lost 21 toe Aston Villa.
However, the football at some points off this season in particular that Leeds United semi final clash was absolutely exhilarating.
We were left on the edge of our seats for the youth and passion in this team.
Can't really say the same for Phillip Cocu's Darby County.
As of now, we're currently sitting midtable.
However, the big star, the big news pretty much what everyone's looking out for.
I'm hoping that will make the difference Is Wayne Rooney the signing of Wayne Rooney, who will be starting to place football in January So free for 20 experiment for you lot today is Phillip Cocu's Darby County versus Frank Lampard's Darby County Kaku star.
Might have picked out has to be no other than Big mom was that Wayne Rooney on the storm out of picture in front lawn pods?
Darby County was the attacking midfielder Mason mouth, Now the football that we were playing under Phillip Kaku that we are playing under Phillip Kaku.
It's somewhat boring, you know, we're sitting quite deep.
The midfielder's aren't really doing their best to supply the Attackers complete opposite.
Last year we had a really solid midfield with Wilson Mountain and Lawrence.
Last year on, they were doing their utmost to help the Attackers gonna be quite an interesting experiment.
This one excited to see who comes out on top.
And if you are dropping like on the video without further ado, let's get into this experiment before we do get into this, let me know your score.
How do you think this game would go in the comments section down below on anyone that gets it right, Don't skip ahead.
But anyone that gets it right, we'll get a shelter in my next video.
Also don't get subscribe.
So this year currently the captain off the rums is Curtis Davis, as Richard Keogh, captain last year on Servant Off the Rooms for seven years was involved in a drink driving accident, leaving him out for a while.
And we are underway, Darby.
First, I'll be quite confusing, but I'm sure you don't get it now.
Frank Lampard Last year the team really needed to continue to go if you like to act as a kick up the backside and then we went on from there a chance here for front lawn pods.
Darby County.
The blue one, by the way on the ball is out wide with Scott Malone solid player last year, still on enough now, but is whipped the ball in free header to Tom Huddlestone, who was quite a big man, never really imposed a massive threat on corners last year.
I don't think he did get many goals, but he's managed to get on the scoresheet in this game against Phillip Cocu's drums.
On is one No.
Two front lawn pods.
Darby County.
Another look at that.
Scott mellow with the ball in free header.
Poor defendant from Philip.
I think that was Jadon Bogle on one No.
Two front land barge men.
Five minutes after that, I'm Phillip Cocu's Darby County.
Have a chance now A little.
Give and go.
Wayne Rooney has passed in the middle.
He's got it back on.
What a goal that is.
He's gone to the keeper's near post.
He's going to kill Roosters near post is taking on first time on absolutely smushed it past him.
Is this something we're going to see in real life?
Wayne Rooney.
What a gold eyes and it's currently 11 Another lookout Now, chief.
A little instant replay on.
Look at that link up play from Lawrence Loud and Rooney to make it 11 Big mom wants to get on the scoresheet.
To those wondering as well.
I had to make sure that Philip Cocky is white team.
Was the home team out?
It would have finished about five noti Lombard steam because we all know our dog away record on that's the halftime stuff.
A lot more possession to Frank Lampard's blue team.
Let's get away with the 2nd 5 minutes to go now, and Tom Lawrence is over a free kick for Frank Lampard's Blue Men.
Personally, I would have probably put heros in on this.
You always did take him last year, And that's exactly why Tom Martin's weren't on him, especially over mine.
And Wilton that 19 yards out.
And it's just gone well over a chance here for user's do now, anyway, with about 30 seconds to go really well to get away from his defender, but as a solid safe from Cal Ruse and that is the full time whistle 11 Don't worry, we're going to go into actual time.
We have to find out a winner.
This is gonna be interesting.
Where I said eyes full time.
Both teams with the same amount of shots.
Frank Lombard's team with more possession on.
I would chance here.
He's fed it.
Water bowl, that is from Dwayne Holmes is passed into the middle on a Zen quality safe from color.
Roo's gonna say quite unlike Jack Murray at last season to miss them one on one chances but rules getting the upper hand on Tom Lawrence has picked up a P.
Looks like he's going on.
An absolute mad Ron is still going with the boar about 30 seconds to go before halftime in extra time, but he's looking to get this goal is past its users.
Soon it's blocked.
You takes another try and he smashed it.
Pascal Ruse to want to Phillip Cocu's rums.
I want to go, guys, you gotta say full credit to Tom, Laura said.
He's run from all the way from his box.
I know we don't really see that real life, but now he's playing that central role.
We're seeing more and more of it, and that's a goal for years, it's stewed to one to Phillip Cocu's Darby County.
Quite recurring thing that happened last year was conceding late goals on.
I'm sure Frank Lampard would have been happy with that.
The defense just broke out on Phillip Cocu's attack.
Made the most of it on.
Now, as you can see, Philip, cocky steam, more shots on target.
It means all the difference.
Coco's runs right now, Applying all the pressure on Brian Holmes has picked out.
He's dispossessed.
The defender passed it to work on first time, and it is 31 to Phillip Cocu's drums game gone very surprised in this resort.
On paper, I definitely thought Frank Lampard would have had a better chance of getting a result.
But hey, this is the championship for you.
Is Wayne Rooney making all the difference?
A chancy, an awful Coco's mom with two minutes to go before the full time, We're so is passed to George Evans.
He takes it on on all my days.
He has just turned into prime Lino, messy on smashed it past color roof top, right corner post and in I say you are the day I see that from George Evans will be absolutely unbelievable.
I don't think we ever will see anything as incredible as that from George Evans, but he's pulled it out and it is.
For one.
This is an embarrassment now for one to Coco's boys.
Yeah, very shocked with that one.
And I've got say, there's no two ways by Frank Lampard did have better place to deal with on maybe these are just signs Wayne Rooney when he does come in January.
Our first game, I believe, is charging at home, which will be a test in itself.
But once we have the big man playing as the number 10 roll, maybe it will all start finally going forward.
You know, we saw Aston Villa had a shaky start to their season, but from January really picked up.
We got massive attentively Wayne Rooney Cominin, but cheers.
Watching everyone Phillip Cocu's team coming out on top, let me know.
Did you expect that or did you know, don't forget to share?
Subscribe like and I see you all later.
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Frank Lampard’s Derby County VS Phillip Cocu’s Derby County - FIFA 20 Experiment

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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