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Yeah, because this is what it is, huh?
Is obvious way.
Never see Otto.
It's funny.
I need you.
It sounded better.
Know what?
Sound like a sped up to 90% of the hypocrites trying to get rid of for Why would I get a chip on my shoulder?
I was considered one time, Mr Ellis, which I'm still his flying a sip of true justice, Richard.
But if it was that all about, really, than I would have quit motherfucking time ago.
Bitch, up the fuck up.
I should go say that shit to technology.
Nobody said shit about chains as long as he's been here.
She wanted you mad Now, looking in plaques counting a mellow J bigger endeavor That's how comes I sound like four mil When I put out a bad albums revival came back and it scares the crap bottom for rolling Stone stars like two and 1/2 out of five out loud Because that's what they gave bad back in the day, which actually made me not feel as bad now because if it happened to James, they can happen.
The shady they do the same system, Brady.
More people hate me than loving this game will make you go crazy for the golfer.
Be ok.
Was the Gina okay?
Once I was played in rotation every radio station Mason I'm lyrically amazing, but I have nothing to say within when I put out revival and I have something to say that they would be awakening I lose the race to get it back.
They say I'm too angry.
Give me some gravy sauce and hook up with Yankee 50 for pulling me one waiting for me in another couple hooks in me This waiting about to pick up some weights and lift some attention with Haley Sister just They said I'm just like a baby Hot dish it up.
I can't take it.
Take it, Dish it back out and naked, all bent out of shape.
Comical waiting.
No disrespect that wasn't disinfected.
Change that, Jaycee.
They probably feel the same way because lately, instead of us being credited for longevity and being able to keep up for this long at this level, we'd get so we'll never be what we work with you.
If I was this hatch as good as I want them twice is gonna be the only way that you're ahead of me medically because if you give me, I'm coming after you like don't let every killing everything played.
It's too much eulogy.
It's a funeral music.
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Eminem - Premonition (Intro)

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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