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  • Hey guys. Today I want to share with you a very important drill for your serve. One of

  • the most important concepts for any player to understand on the serve is that you need

  • to hit up and out. What does that mean? That means you need to imagine hitting up like

  • this rather than hitting down like this. Most players hit down on the ball because they

  • think the ball is up here, and they believe in order to get the ball into that little

  • box over there, they have to hit down. And of course that's why most players tend to

  • hit the serve into the net. The main reason why players do that is something that I've

  • talked to you about previously in a tip on the groundstrokes, that players look down

  • through the net at their target. So if I'm standing here and I look at the service box

  • that want to hit the ball into, I'm actually looking through the net and I'm looking down.

  • That does not correspond to the flight path that the serve and the ball should have.

  • So what can you do about this problem of hitting down on the serve too much and missing serves

  • into the net over and over? What I found to be most effective is to have a drill that

  • basically forces players to hit up and out. So what I would like you to do is to aim for

  • the middle of the back fence when you hit your serves. This drill is going to force

  • you to hit up and out. In the beginning, when you try this drill, most likely you're not

  • going to get close to the back fence. You might end up hitting towards the baseline

  • or even shorter than that. So you practice over and over until you start hitting the

  • middle of the back fence. Once you've hit a couple of serves there, then what I want

  • you to do is to work your way backwards. The next step is to aim for the baseline. So now

  • you hit a couple of serves towards the baseline. And once you've done that, you hit a couple

  • of serves towards the service box. And you can repeat this drill over and over. Now I'm

  • going to demonstrate this drill and I'm going to show you two serves that I hit towards

  • the back fence, two that I hit towards the baseline, and two that I hit into the service

  • box. Okay, going for the back fence, that was pretty good. I've obviously practiced

  • this drill before, so it doesn't take me that long. Going for the baseline, that was pretty

  • good as well. And the last two, going for the service box. Okay, that was in. And a

  • little bit long. Now most likely, once you get towards hitting into the service box,

  • you're going to miss a couple of serves long, and that's fine because we're really trying

  • to work on avoiding hitting into the net. Alright, so much for hitting up and out. Now

  • this is a concept that I believe you cannot work too much on. I really recommend that

  • you work on this on a regular basis over and over, hit some serves into the fence, hit

  • some serves towards the baseline, and then work your way backwards. I'm pretty sure you'll

  • improve your serves. If you haven't done so yet, head over to our homepage and sign up

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Hey guys. Today I want to share with you a very important drill for your serve. One of

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Tennis Serve Technique: Hit Up And Out

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    Zenn posted on 2013/12/29
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