B2 High-Intermediate 23 Folder Collection
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wait, Move it, Play loathe.
I think they want me to be on Cody.
They want my life into a more like a 03 they want for Rosie.
It's not even mostly to pick on me Imploding, exploding self loathing, eroding on screen manana with regrets And I'm hoping I'm ripping out of my clothes.
I have to go see the doctor never took months to get in.
Strange Ever Been swayed by Carl Erskine Shake and state one hell raiser with twin blades of a sense given up looking friend A 10 brain really fucked in the membranes from J minds in the garden but insane pin game like I just struck in the rain I live on the edge Sit on a ledge to sit on your heads I've been on a bench for giving forgets the only thing I have lifted Regret hell bent on revenge You left me for dead I found my great You better be reading and sent my enemies They came to me You gotta play loathe She got you thinking I run Wait can tell exactly where it stems from but it's happening again You used to be in my corner Now you just back from one innocent bystanders and bound to hit something.
Some adversaries that carry big guns, some target to get the kill shot.
Someone just barely nicked them.
I could make a mistake and abrupt and end up taking a dump, saying some dumb shit thinking, run ship, this place of my anger enough to give Berlin.
Tyler, the creator the brunt, said he never made a response to the disdain for the fake ones.
And trainers punched the snakes of his constant get fucked with 800 motherfucking vibrators it ones.
If the ending of those who may have come close to about dying I can't listen to a rose without crying but those who feel low like about spiraling.
But this is only for those that I'm inspiring.
Weapon never hosted without firing my Willem, imposing those gonna feel like they're in the throes of a mountain line.
Talk about my daughter's hoping the flies off the handle.
My first thought is to trample the red 1000 bars, but sometimes like dropping an anvil on a house of cards, the guns of the squash and accrued time with combat boots on a drop in the goddamn booth.
Shot that way.
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Eminem - No Regrets (ft. Don Toliver)

23 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 9, 2020
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