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  • What am I doing making a video on a Wednesday? Well, this is a special announcement. Today

  • I'm starting a Rachel's English YouTube Channel Membership!

  • A YouTube channel Membership is a way for me to get to know you better, and for you

  • to get to know me better. You know, sometimes I'm sitting here in my office. Maybe I'm recording

  • some audio or something like that. And I'm making a video, and I'm posting it to YouTube,

  • and it's like, "who out there is really watching this?"

  • And by joining my channel membership, it's a way for me to know you better. When I join

  • a membership, you get badges: shows how long you've been in the membership. And that way,

  • when you're commenting on a video, or in a live stream, I know, okay, this is someone

  • who is a superfan who has joined my channel.

  • And you'll also get access to some custom emojis. Let's face it. I'm not amazing a designing

  • custom emojis. Maybe one of you will design one for me.

  • YouTube channel memberships are about extra access and extra perks and content from me.

  • So when you join, you'll get access to members-only posts in the community tab. You'll be able

  • to help me choose topics for new videos. For example, maybe there's a scene from a TV show

  • or movie and you want me to do a Ben Franklin analysis of that. I'll be polling you guys

  • for suggestions on that kind of thing.

  • I'm also going to be making a vlog type of video once a month. This is the real Rachel.

  • Rachel uncut. I'll be telling you what's going on with me that month. And I'll also share

  • photos and videos of things that I've done. For example, last night, this cute little

  • video of my older son feeding my younger son some yogurt.

  • Okay, now he's ready.

  • I'll also be able to share photos and updates for channel members in the community tab.

  • For example, just this past week, I was at my friend Laura's house in Massachusetts for

  • our annual Fall Baking Weekend. We made these amazing apple cider muffins. And so you'll

  • be able to see that kind of photo and video, just from my personal life.

  • So, joining the Rachel's English YouTube membership is about you getting more content from me,

  • getting to know me better, and also me getting to know you better. But it's also just about

  • support. It's the YouTube channel next level up. You're supporting it. You're saying, I

  • love this content, I love what you do, and that support does help. So thank you so much

  • if you decide to join. Now. If you're thinking, I don't really want to join. No problem! Nothing

  • about the YouTube channel will change.

  • Nothing about the YouTube channel will ever change. It still stays the same. Great English

  • as a Second Language videos every Tuesday, period. This is just a way to get a little

  • bit more. Now, if you're thinking, you know what I really want from Rachel, is I want

  • to take my accent to the next level. I really want to train, and get the full concept, the

  • full picture for how to improve my spoken English. If that's what you're thinking, head

  • to my Academy. That is where the training and the teaching happens. The YouTube channel

  • Membership is NOT that. It's just about more access and more YouTube fun. So if you really

  • want to study with me, go to To join, all you have to do is click the join

  • button on the channel page. It will ask you what level you want to join at. It will describe

  • all of the perks that you get.

  • Now I myself also joined a channel. I joined this guy Alex's channel. He's French, he's

  • a chef, he's a cook, I love what he does. So entertaining. Really makes me want to cook

  • more food. And I joined so that I could be a part of his inner circle.

  • So if this is appealing to you, come on in, let's do this together, join the Rachel's

  • English YouTube Membership community. Your first video is already waiting there for you.

What am I doing making a video on a Wednesday? Well, this is a special announcement. Today

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