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I can't undurstand what people are sayin'
Who and what do I need to follow
With each step then again grows the shadow
Where is this place I open my eyes to
Maybe Seoul or New York or Paris
I get up, unsteady on my feet
Look at my feet, look down
The shadow resembles me Is it the shadow that's shaking
Or is it my feet thet are trembling
Of course I'm not unafraid
Of course it's not all okay
But I know Awkwarkly I flow
I fly together with the black wind
Gotta go inside to stay sane
Throw mysekf whole into both worlds
Can't hold me down cuz you know I'm a fighter
Carried myself into this beautiful prison
Find me and I'm gonna live with ya
Bring it, bring the pain oh yeah
Come on up, bring the pain oh yeah
Rain be pourin' Sky keep fallin' Everyday
Bring it, bring the pan oh yeah
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BTS ON Lyrics

82 Folder Collection
黃楉淇 published on March 9, 2020
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