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ANNOUNCER: From our region to yours...
I'm DJ Demers forAccessible Media.
I'm inside the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto.
The Blackberry People's Choice Award
at the Toronto International Film Festival
is the top honour a film can receive.
This year, the film 12 Years A Slave
took home the prize with almost unanimous critical acclaim.
Accessible Media takes a closer look at the film.
The trailer for 12 Years A Slave;
New York, 1841.
MAN: Solomon Northup is an expert player on the violin!
SOLOMON, NARRATING: I was born a free man, lived with my family in New York.
MAN: Be good for your mother.
'Til the day I was deceived.
MAN: To Solomon.
Kidnapped, sold into slavery.
DJ: A man sits in a darkened cell, struggling with shackles.
Slave traders enter the room.
SOLOMON: My name is Solomon Northup, I'm a free man,
and you have no right whatsoever to detain me.
SLAVE TRADER: You're no free man. You're nothing but a Georgia runaway.
DJ: At a press junket, writer John Ridley:
JOHN: For Solomon,
a lot of this journey is not just that journey to get home,
but really that journey to understand the importance
of the privileges that we all enjoy as Americans,
but also our families.
DJ: On set, director Steve McQueen.
STEVE: There's modesty but a certain kind of formality to him.
It's beautiful, it's heartbreaking.
The book is a testament to Solomon Northup,
but also about the testament to the history
of what was going on within slavery at that time.
# Oh pick this cotton #
# Pick this cotton #
# Oh pick this cotton #
# Pick this cotton #
DJ: On the red carpet,
composer Hans Zimmer, on the score of the film.
I always thought one of the things I try to do
is do the thing that you cannot do with visuals
and actors can't do.
Tell that part of the story you can't elegantly tell in images.
DJ: Producer Bill Pohlad.
We shot down in Louisiana, outside--
outside and around New Orleans.
And to be honest, there's a lot of places down there
that are like-- like the plantation that we shot on,
one of the plantations we shot on,
is pretty much as they were.
DJ: Workers pick cotton in an open field.
Actress Lupita Nyong'o who plays the role of Patsey,
a slave on the plantation.
This movie's obviously about Solomon
and a male perspective.
What do you think the difference is
from a female perspective in that era?
Well, I think of course there's the sexual aspect
of being a female in that kind of--
Taking advantage of women, sexually,
that Solomon didn't have to go through.
And, yeah, I think that in itself is a very big part
of changing the psychology of women
who went through it, you know?
Being the bearers of the next generation of slaves
must not have been an easy thing to go through.
DJ: Actor and producer Brad Pitt,
who plays a slavery abolitionist.
What it really does is remind us of our humanity,
our responsibility towards each other.
It's a beautiful film, as brutal as it is at moments,
it's a very, very beautiful film.
And, you know there's something else I heard,
I heard recently that no time in the history of the world
has there been more people enslaved
than today at this time.
That's an incalculable stat.
DJ: At a press junket, actor Chiwetel Ejiofor,
who plays Solomon Northup.
This is a story about one of the harshest structures
that's ever been created in the history of the world.
And it is somebody trying to survive that
with their mind intact.
And they do, you know,
and I feel like that's an extraordinary thing to see,
to witness, and to be kind of part of.
DJ: Solomon walks in ragged clothes, holding a violin.
He is again seen, now in more formal clothing,
walking in a park, tipping his hat to the screen.
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12 Years a Slave at TIFF, Toronto; DJ Demers

2086 Folder Collection
小葉子 published on December 17, 2013
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