B1 Intermediate UK 47 Folder Collection
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We are going to turn right before it
flight attendants prepare for landing
1000ft to go, i retract speedbrakes in this cell
cell just on our right side
ok perfect we are avoiding it
well done gents
ok right behind this one, we turn left
ok it's about 6 nautical miles maximum before entering in it
worst scenario, we can overshoot the axis to come back again
i would like to turn now, yes i call them
ok it's going to be ok with this turn
down to 4500 feet
Ok the ILS signal is identified
It's super humid in this area
Heading 280 degrees, ILS localizer on the right side. It's beautiful right here
We are cleared to intercept, loc and g/s armed
The highest mountain on our chart is right in front of us
Are you available? I disconnect AP and keep A/T and FD
descent at 12.2 Nm
6 nm to go before descent
It's going to be beautiful
amazing light today
glideslope is alive
go around altitude is 4000 feet
if the speed is not sharp, we will put flaps 15
For the moment, no need for that
go around altitude is confirmed at 4000 feet
We have a A380 preceding
Speed 180 kt
it's super high, that's why it's on our chart
We are close to this mountain on the ILS
For information, we are in visual conditions so we have to be stabilized at 500ft above the ground
until 5nm we maintain this speed
2nm remaining
150 kt is our approach speed today if you're ok with that, yes, I am
Flaps 30 please
preceding still on the runway
wind is turning, you're going to have a bit of wind from the right
1kt tailwind for the moment
Do you want wipers? no thanks
5kt tailwind, thanks
right reverser in tolerance on this flight, very slight impact on our landing performances.
This is the one to vacate named A5
runway is getting vacated
flight time 11H29
so not this one the second on the left, Yes absolutely and it's cleared on the left
I felt a little bit of tailwind at landing
You take this clearance with me please, could be long
Sometimes they renamed their taxiway, it's not always easy to get it sorted out
So you turn left on Hotel then we wait before Hotel 7
So we said Sierra 43
it's between those two
it's the next one!
it's cleared to enter
It's for a 777, it's perfect
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47 Folder Collection
kevinspy1127 published on March 7, 2020
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