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The fish that we are going to identify now is the Black Jack. Black Jacks are fairly
large, pelagic or open ocean dwelling fish but they can commonly be seen over reefs near
deep water drop-offs. Black Jacks are usually dark gray in color and they have a steeply
sloping forehead unlike most other jacks that are more bullet shaped. Black Jacks also have
long anal and dorsal fins. Black Jacks are not very common in most of the waters around
Florida, the Bahamas or the Caribbean, but can commonly be seen in some locations such
as around Providence Isle and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Black Jacks are carnivores
and can be observed rapidly swimming through schools of Silversides, feeding on the small
fish as they dive through the school. Unlike Horse-Eye Jacks commonly seen in large schools,
most Black Jacks that I have seen have been alone or in small groups of three or four
fish. Black Jacks will often swim close by divers once or twice which some authorities
speculate may be due to curiosity about the diver's bubbles. Snorkelers will not likely
see this fish, since they only frequent reefs close to deep water drop-offs and don't venture
into the shallows. Black Jackes are generally one to three feet long. That's the Black Jack.
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Scuba Diving Tips: Caribbean Fish Identification : How to Identify Black Jack Fish

1264 Folder Collection
Yue Hua Liu published on December 11, 2013
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