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"Sandals and Beaches dive operation is a large one. Across the Caribbean we have approximately
510 different dive sites. We have about 30 dive sites per resort. The operations that
we run are all PADI five star operations that offers the widest and largest and best training
there is. They are all National Geographic dive centers. And we are also part of DAN,
which is the biggest and most recognized dive safety organization in the world. We have
a large range of certification programs to offer our guests. Last year alone we did over
22,000 entry-level certifications. That means persons that are coming to us for the first
time and learning how to dive."
"If you are a certified diver we have two options. You can either do our single tank
dive, or you can do the two-tank dive, there is no cost at all."
"Sandals as always has been producing a high quality product and the dive boat that we
are using is the highest quality dive boat you can buy."
"We use Newton Dive boats uniformly across the whole company. The beauty about the Newton
dive boats is they're custom built only as dive boats."
"Our primary focus is on safety and reliability, we are one of the only resorts that have our
own boat yard. We do all our maintenance, we do engine rebuilding, we hollow out the
boats, fiberglass repairs, aluminum repairs, everything we do in house."
"We are uniform across the company we use Scuba Pro equipment, it's very durable its
very hard working, and it's very, very easy to fix. All the Beaches and Sandals properties
have their own maintenance areas on property."
"We have over 300 regulators, over 300 VCDs, over 4-500 scuba tanks that we repair every
six months. And we personally test every one. What makes it great for us, is knowing that
we are ensuring that our guests have fun and we are safe, and that's what we do."
"Sandals is one of the premiere dive operators, so our guests are loving what we do and they
will always be coming back to us."
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The Ultimate Caribbean Scuba Diving Experience: Sandals and Beaches Resorts' Dive Options Impress

1013 Folder Collection
Yue Hua Liu published on December 11, 2013
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