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  • Rudders check, engine check.

  • You guys ready?

  • Take off vrrrrmmm

  • Are you lost little guy?

  • Kia ora Janey, we hear youve found a takahē?

  • Yeah, he needs a safe place to live.

  • Well, New Zealand’s wildlife is super important to us.

  • We fly thousands of native birds to sanctuaries all over the country

  • with our friends from the Department of Conservation.

  • But Mr T doesn’t know how to fly.

  • In that case were gonna need your help.

  • Come on Mr T!

  • You ready?

  • Over to you guys.

  • Thanks Janey.

  • Kia ora and welcome aboard this Air New Zealand flight.

  • It’s important you obey all crew member instructions, placards and illuminated signs.

  • All loose items should be stowed in the overhead locker or under the seat in front of you.

  • If the seatbelt sign lights up

  • return to your seat and buckle up.

  • Seatbelts fit low and tight across your hips.

  • Keep them on throughout the flight.

  • If you need to get up, simply lift the lever like so.

  • Takahē were almost extinct Mr T. Well find you somewhere safe

  • like the Murchison Mountains.

  • It’s one of only a few places in the world where youll find...

  • Takahē! In the wild!

  • If you need some air, oxygen masks will fall from above.

  • Make sure youve got your own mask on before helping children or those less able.

  • Bye!

  • Wait for me! Bye!

  • There’s now over 400 takahē thanks to places like Tiritiri Matangi.

  • It’s a breeding sanctuary.

  • You might meet a Mrs T …Or a Mr T?

  • Your life jacket is within easy reach.

  • Weve got life jackets for all sizes, even infants.

  • If we need to evacuate the aircraft, emergency escape path lighting will show you the way to the exit.

  • What about Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari?

  • Mr T? Where are you?

  • Squawk!

  • Mr T?

  • Just like our sanctuaries, smoking is not allowed anywhere on this flight, including the lavatories.

  • Using and charging e-cigarettes is also prohibited.

  • Lightweight handheld electronic devices can be used at any time but must be switched to flight mode first.

  • Stow larger items in the overhead locker or in a bag underneath the seat in front.

  • If you lose your device in the seat, please call your Flight Attendant for help.

  • For more information, have a look at the safety card in the seat pocket in front of you,

  • or ask your Flight Attendant.

  • Janey, Air New Zealand’s here.

  • Kia ora Janey. We can’t wait for Mr T to meet his new whānau.

  • I’ll miss you too Mr T.

  • To all our passengers, feathered and human, thanks for flying Air New Zealand.

  • Let’s keep working together to protect our beautiful Aotearoa.

  • So, where to next?

  • Everyone buckle up!

Rudders check, engine check.

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A Journey to Safety - #AirNZSafetyVideo

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    Courtney Shih posted on 2020/03/03
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