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Jony Ive: The iPhone X described our vision
for the future of the smartphone.
Today, we're extending that vision
with significant advances across three entirely new products.
♪ Music playing ♪
iPhone XS,
iPhone XS Max
and iPhone XR.
iPhone XS is completely uncompromising.
The expansive, Super Retina display with OLED
delivers vivid brightness, true blacks
and high-dynamic range content.
iPhone XS Max has the largest display ever on an iPhone.

Custom-developed stainless steel
is precisely machined
to create structural bands in three finishes,
including new gold.
With even better water and dust resistance,
this structure is integrated with the most durable glass
ever developed for a smartphone.

Face ID, enabled by the TrueDepth camera system,
reinvents the way to securely unlock,
and log in with only a glance.
Now it's even faster.

The A12 Bionic chip is the smartest
and most powerful chip ever in a smartphone.
Its next-generation neural engine
dedicates machine learning
to everything from augmented reality to photography.
With a more advanced dual camera system and neural engine,
iPhone is again taking us to a new era of photography,
where even more capable sensors are combined with lenses,
chips and advanced software,
delivering Smart HDR across your photos,
creating images like never before.
Portrait mode on both the back camera
and front TrueDepth camera now features more nuanced,
software-enhanced, adjustable depth of field.
4K video, with better low-light performance,
and extended dynamic range, now records in stereo.
And your content plays back in widened stereo sound.

iPhone XR integrates the same breakthrough technologies.
It's powered by the same A12 Bionic chip,
has the same versatile TrueDepth camera,
with the same advanced Face ID.
An entirely new range of finishes
are enabled by precision-machined,
structural aluminium bands
anodised to complement an all-glass enclosure.

The all-screen Liquid Retina display
is the most advanced LCD in a smartphone
and the most colour accurate in the industry.
A new backlight design allows the display
to extend into the radiused corners,
enabling a larger LCD than ever before.
The advanced single-camera system
combined with machine learning
allows iPhone XR to recognise people,
map subjects and add depth.
[CAMERA SHUTTER] The depth of field is adjustable
so you can take more dramatic portraits.

Our utterly uncompromised vision for the future,
iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max,
and with a range of new finishes,
offering more choice to more people,
iPhone XR.

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Introducing iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR _ Apple

39 Folder Collection
WanXun Tsai published on February 28, 2020
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