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♪ "Mahlalela" by Letta Mbulu ♪

Chris Burkard: For me, creativity's really, like,
how far did you go personally to stretch yourself?
Oak Felder: It's such a casual process, creativity, right?
It's intense, yet casual.
Let's try it, here we go. One, two, three, hey!
Charmaine Chan: We're trying to create these worlds,
these creatures, these things that don't exist in real life.
Laure De Mey: Games are a form of entertainment,
like movies or books.
People ask me,
"Oh, so you just play around all day?"
And no. It's, like, actually hard work. [LAUGHS]
Chris: I need to be able to do everything I could
back at my studio while I'm in the field.
Oak: I want technology to be transparent.
I want it to not get in the way of the idea that I have.
Charmaine: Speed makes all the difference
when you're on a time-crunch set
where everything is just go, go, go.
Chris: Your dark room is no longer in your bathroom
or at your college.
It's on your computer.
Oak: Back in the day there was this, like,
dense obstacle in the way if you weren't somebody
who could rent a major recording studio.
I'm going to do all my strings like that from now on.
That layer, it has shrunk.
I just have to look at the specs.
Come on, man! [LAUGHTER]
Come on, bro!
Charmaine: 64 gigs, nice.
Oak: Eight terabytes?
Chris: Eight terabytes is a ridiculously big deal.
I can bring all my most important images on the road.
The first time I opened up the screen --
Charmaine: The screen is gorgeous, it's high-resolution.
As a compositor, that's super important.
Oak: How do you get speakers that good...
It feels like it's right here.
...in a laptop?
Laure: The Escape key is back, which is great.
Oak: I love that, bro. That's fire.
It's in the name, right? MacBook Pro.
Laure: Everything I need is on this MacBook Pro.
Charmaine: With MacBook Pro, there's nothing stopping people
from making what they really want to make.
Oak: Oh man, that's way too much fun.
Let me try that again.

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Introducing the 16-inch MacBook Pro Apple

24 Folder Collection
WanXun Tsai published on February 28, 2020
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