B2 High-Intermediate Other 53 Folder Collection
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Were starting~ Get ready.
It's exactly the same!
Wait, I'll think harder.
I don't think he even knows it.
He's just copying others.
Aegyo? Wrong.
- Please turn back. - You were wrong because of Mingyu!
Wonwoo's very good at this!
Wonwoo did sooo well!
Isn't that love?
Determination? Loyalty? Love? Trust?
Please turn back~
This is hard...
Wonwoo's really good at this!
[Cold Guy]
Wonwoo's so good!
This is it~
- Jeon-actor indeed~ - He's an actor!
[Staring] [Looked away]
Are you alright?
Something is different!
[Do you see my eyes?]
Wah~ Really?!
I didn't know
(Heart fluttering)
[His face 100% qualified!]
Exactly. That's right
Hurry, hurry
[Flutter acting, SUCCEED~]
He's a little...
[He's blank once again...]
[He non-stop practices his acting]
- Flutter! - Correct
[Ultimate Plot Twist]
[This is just S.coups' miracle~]
Wait a minute. How did he do 'flutter'? I'm curious because I was at the back.
His expression kinda...
...Mingyu's looks unsure.
Let's look back at Wonwoo's 'flutters'~
[Really fluttering]
This is 'flutter'!
Coldness. Coldness.
[Suddenly Cold]
[All praise Jeon-Actor]
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(Weekly Idol EP.342) SEVENTEEN's 'Speak with your eyes'

53 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on February 27, 2020
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