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Let's see Seungkwan's profile
What do you mean by you can imitate foreign movies
There's a lot of tragedy(?) movies in America right?
So when they talk there will be suddenly a tsunami coming
So I can imitate that part...
Doni: I really like those types of movie
Seungkwan: You know what I mean right?
S: Brother type (like bro type in like friends)
S: Can you please corporate with acting please?
Oh yea?
!#[email protected]#[email protected]#$%@@#$%[email protected]#$%^ (jibberish english)
OH My GOD!!!!! (His face. I can't)
(Doni corporating with acting)
(Kinda like this?)
Is my reaction good?
Any other?
M: You still have that...
Mom's version
The daughter is getting off the bus and another tsunami hits
(The second Tsunami hits)
(This is the future Entertainer of seventeen)
Let's see other things on the profile
Sexy dance without music
Music... There's no music
(Tourist mode)
(No music, Have dance
Self-commenting dance)
Can you do Jeju satoori while dancing? Right now.
I'll sing OOO sunbaenim, OOO song in satoori
(Jeju ver. Father by OOO)
What if a tsunami hits?
(Good job, Entertainer Boo)
Doni Koni feel moved
Doni: You really did good
You did well on the tsunami
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(Weekly Idol EP.308) SEVENTEEN'S SEUNGKWAN is Good Actor

25 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on February 27, 2020
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