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A magic dance between 'Heart Attack' and 'Very Nice',
- And, you need to catch the dance points! SVT: Okay...
- You need to get the most right-- Boo: "Ah yeah, Brave Sound--" when we need to start?
Just go in when I start it.
- Just follow me. - We'll follow Woozi-hyung!
[I believe in you, Woozi-nim]
All of you will follow Woozi then?!
Since he knows the beat...
So, please turn on the music!
00:00:28,940 --> 00:00:31,740 [Magic Dance~]
[Everyone is waiting for Woozi's order]
SK: Put up your hand~
[It's not the time...]
[Since Woozi-nim didn't start, we also didn't start...]
[The song keeps going yet they still standing still]
[Something's off...] [He glanced at Doni Coni]
- Why you aren't starting? - You're not doing it?!
We'll listen for it more, then we'll go in.
The song will end if you go on like this!
- You just go in from the start! - Like this...!
[Magic Dance, 2nd attempt] - Just go in to it! Let's go again!
Music please!
SK: We just go in from the start...? After they started the song...?
[Mental Breakdown Starts...]
[These guys still believe in Woozi...]
1, 2...
[Trying to cope with the rythm]
This is it! This is what we want!
[Vernon follows Woozi even he started the counting]
[Even there's a collide back then, the real dance starts now!]
[You're watching 'Heart Attack' and 'Very Nice' collaboration!]
[Dancing to his song, yet sings to another song]
[Still depends on Woozi] [His confidence is building up slowly]
[We danced naturally like this is our song]
[Doing the hand movements through the rythm perfectly]
[It's the time!!]
[This is the magical synchronization]
Look! They did well!
[Perfect Dance]
[This is how you did it perfectly!]
00:02:28,900 --> 00:02:32,600 [The dance matches the song's rythm so perfectly!]
Wow! Good job, SEVENTEEN!!
[Finally! It's the highlight dance and the highlight catchy phrase of the song together!]
[Let's watch the coolest part for 2nd time!]
[Heart-attack's lyrics with handsome faces appear!]
[They did extra well today!]
[SEVENTEEN easily passed the Magic Dance mission]
DK: It's so easy!!
- You guys did so well! - You catched up so quick!
Vernon back then...
...there's a solo part when started the song.
You have the excited(?) expression.
- When did I...? - Your face were like this...
[Actually, it's not like this.]
[Jun who follows it] Something like this expression!
- How do you think of that expression? - Frankly, I don't have any expression to think at that time.
I also don't know how to imitate that, maybe like this...?
[It's not like this either!] DK: "I'm going out~" MC: "I'm going out as Vernon~"
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(Weekly Idol EP.342) SEVENTEEN 'AJU NICE' Magical Choreography

36 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on February 27, 2020
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