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Let's read DK's profile. Lee Seokmin.
What does DK means?
It means doing things in various aspects
It has this good meaning
C: Doing things in many ways
D: You look similar to Jo Sungmo?
Dk: I heard a lot of people saying that
Doni: Can you imitate this expression?
(Jo Sungo Challenge)
(Eyes, Nose, Lips Ctrl+C. Slickness Ctrl+V)
Doni: The feel is there
(Level Up. The 2nd expression challenge)
Doni: the feel is there
Doni: Dk can peel a tangerine in 4 seconds
(Full of confidence)
DK: When i was little, there will be a box of it at home when i came back from school
J: It's really fast
DK: I don't know if it is as fast as it was
(His fingers is a little different)
Coni: You must be really good at it. Look at his fingers.
(DK's First Tangerine Peeling Show)
Doni: Start
Doni: One is done now
(Even if you look a it, it's still amazing)
(Never done before tangerine peeling show. Fingers are focused on peeling)
(The peeling tangerine step, a dance I don't know it existed in my body before)
(Lemon hyung, have a piece)
(A more fancier step)
(Entertaining+Record, a personal talent that take cares all of it)
C: It's like a fruit peeling machine
(We'll compliment you fruit-dk)
(A talent that successfully make us laugh)
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20 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on February 27, 2020
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