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♪ Music playing ♪

Dear Mr. Cook, - Dear Apple,
Dear Tim,
To [email protected]

Hey, how you doing? - Hi!
Hey! Good morning!
Nice to meet you. [MAN LAUGHS]
OK, hello! [LAUGHS]
So the run began as usual.
I was 32 weeks pregnant.
Getting ready to go to bed.
The next morning, I'd have notifications
on my watch and my phone saying...
Your heart rate is elevated. And I was like, "Huh."
Huh. That's strange.
And I run my EKG, and it says 220 beats.
And I'm like... - Something's not right.
I told my husband, like, we need to go.
He was like, "Well, I'm in the middle of cutting grass."
I'm like, "We need to go!"
And then suddenly, I woke up to EMTs.
Oh, this is my husband, Kyle. - Hey.
[LAUGHS] He's going out to cut the grass.
When I fell, it automatically called 911,
and then it calls my wife.
When I think about what happened,
and what could have happened....
Once we got to the hospital,
they realized it was some sort of infection.
My heart rate was spiking
and it was causing the baby's heart rate
to get lower and lower.
So emergency C-section and she was born.
Had I not had surgery,
it estimated that I would have had a heart attack
within less than 12 months.
I mean, I'm like -- yeah, I have goosebumps.
I don't know if you can see them through the camera.
It's crazy.
It's not something you think of your watch...
...saving your life.
Can you wave hi?

In the past, I didn't prioritize taking care of myself.
Yeah, so these are probably
one of the largest pairs of pants I have.
I'm standing in one of the legs of them.
But now I've gained the ability to be active
in ways that I never would have dreamed of.
All because the computer on my wrist
told me it was time to fill the rings.
Yeah, closing rings.
It's like this little reminder going,
"OK, you could do a little better today."
When I see the little rings of, like,
get your moves in today, sometimes I used to be like,
"Mind your business, Apple Watch!"
But then it's like, [LAUGHS] you know what?
I do need to get my move in.
I like the idea of achievements that you get
for every small things done.
It has -- It just reminded me I should stand up, by the way.
I'm "The Blur." - He's "The Blur."
Yeah, that's his nickname is "The Blur."
Harrison is on the autism spectrum,
and he's on the cross country and track teams
here at the school.
He was having some issues with anxiety and crowd noise.
The sound of the cheering just throws me off.
So I paired up my watch with my headphones,
and the music helps me focus.
When he started running with the music playing,
it was like seeing a different athlete.
This moment of triumph, goosebumps, and tears,
and it was cinematic!

Apple needs to know this happened.
What you did in your brainstorming sessions
came to life and helped save mine.
Dear Tim, - Dear Apple,
Dear Mr. Cook, - I just had to tell my story.
I will be forever grateful...
I had no idea that one day it would save my life.
What I want to say is, "Thank you!"
Thank you. - Thank you.

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Dear Apple: Face to Face — Apple Watch

23 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 27, 2020
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