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- [Instructor] Hello, this is Eddie from AppSheet
here to help you build a mobile app
directly from Google Docs.
So you might be wondering
why you might wanna build an app in Google Docs.
Common use cases include things like survey responses,
quote proposals and safety inspection reports
where users are generating emails with prefabricated
templates that utilize different field form data.
So to get started, let's jump over to Add-ons, Get Add-ons.
And you'll find the AppSheet data source.
Go ahead and install it.
So from here, we can jump over to Add-ons, AppSheet, Launch.
And since AppSheet detected
that we didn't actually have any text in our Google Doc,
it automatically generates a quick sample for you.
And so let's go ahead and delete this explanation.
And you can see that we have a simple survey
bracketed fields.
So these fields say survey date.
They ask questions, comments, photo, other things.
And once we're satisfied with our Google Doc,
we can jump over to prepare.
And prepare simply just checks that our Google Doc
is AppSheet compatible.
And once it knows that it is,
we can go ahead and click Launch.
So you can see that AppSheet has now created
a simple app based off that Google Doc,
which allows us to enter in that field data.
For instance, customer name,
which is referenced in brackets right here
is now given in the form of
a question.
So let me enter in some of my personal information.
Great food.
Satisfied with service.
Left a big tip for ya.
Contact email.
We can even leave our own signature.
And now you see that we have a response generated
in this section
from me.
So there's a lot we could do to customize every element
of how this app integrates and works with
and displays the different data sources,
but for now let's head over to behavior
just to show you one quick thing.
And so in the behavior section, under workflow,
we've created a simple rule that says
that whenever any change is made,
like the form that we just submitted,
go ahead and send an email to [email protected]
And so you can see that over in the demo section,
we actually just got an email with that very same post.
So once you're done editing your app you can go ahead and
head over to the Not Deployed section.
Run a deployment check
and move your app to a deployed state.
So now that your app is deployed,
you can go ahead and head over to your email,
where you'll find find a link
to install it on your mobile phone as an app.
You can also share it with any of your colleagues.
And now you have a functional app,
which you can use on your smartphone, tablet or web app
to record your data and send out any reports
through the Google Doc Add-on.
We also have two popular apps in the Google Sheets
and Google Forms marketplace,
as well as other data sources, like Excel,
Smartsheets, Salesforce and SQL
that you can also use
to create your own custom AppSheet apps.
So that's it, and thanks for watching.
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How to Build a Mobile App from a Google Docs Add-On [No Code]

21 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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