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  • This...


  • ...tells...

  • ...time.


  • And takes phone calls.

  • This watch tells time,

  • and turns on lights,

  • and opens up doors.

  • Music playing

  • This watch tells time

  • and communicates with satellites 12,427 miles above the Earth.


  • It wakes you up...


  • ...and gets you onto subways.

  • And plays every Elton John studio album...

  • Hey Siri, play Tumbleweed Connection.

  • ...ever recorded.

  • Play Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

  • Play Madman Across the Water.

  • This watch tells time and sets timers.

  • And sets your pace and warns you when it's too loud.

  • And texts your friends,

  • [CHILDREN CHATTERING] and opens portals.


  • Kidding.

  • And tracks your distance underwater.

  • And starts competitions.

  • And accepts challenges.

  • And tracks your workouts.

  • And tells you which direction you should be going.

  • And reminds you to breathe.


  • And has an app that measures

  • the exact timing of the electrical waves

  • traveling through the upper and lower chambers of your heart,

  • otherwise known as an electrocardiogram.

  • So in conclusion, just to reiterate,

  • this...


  • ...tells...

  • ...time...

  • ...among other things.


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Introducing Apple Watch Series 5

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