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I am Travis Steglich with Steglich Farm Supply in Bartlett, Texas and I am talking about
growing tomato seedlings to transplant in your home garden in the spring. One of the
things that is going to be real important to plant anything is the soil that you put
the seeds into or the cuttings into. There are two types of soil that you can use for
plants or cuttings and there is a premium type that has vermiculite, peat moss and composted
plant material, humus things like that has no soil in it. These are a lot of times called
a premium because they cost more for one thing and they do a better job of growing because
they are a little better drained and easier to work with when it comes to putting them
in pots or cells or whatever. The cheaper grades of soil will have sand and actual dirt
mixed with them along with the organic matter. Generally don't have any peat moss and you
can see this one has no vermiculite. These soils are lot heavier and prone to compaction
and things like that and sometimes don't hold moisture or retain moisture as well as one
premium that has the peat moss and the vermiculite in them.
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How to Plant and Grow Tomato Seedlings : Selecting Soil for Growing Tomato Seedlings

17 Folder Collection
tsungpeng0818 published on February 25, 2020
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