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Happy Anniversary!
What are you doing to Mommy?
Mommy and I are just poundin' it out.
Obviously, he means the dust from this rug.
It's spring cleaning day.
My name is Amy Poehler.
I am co-creator and producer on "Duncanville"
and I do the voices of Duncan--
--and Annie.
"Duncanville" is the story of a young boy who
is average in every way and is really trying to figure out how
to navigate a world where everybody's
supposed to be very special.
I'm doing the Korean War.
What wars are you guys doing? - Star.
How is this a blue ribbon school?
It's not.
I just wrote that on the door when
my girlfriend came to visit.
It's really fun to play a character like Duncan,
who's very opposite than me.
He's not very verbal.
He doesn't really want to ever talk.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Dial it down, dude.
At that age, too, there's so much pressure.
Don't screw up.
You flunked what?
Ah, can't you read?
It's just the ups and downs of how frustrating
it is to be a teenage boy.
Dunkie, 90% of bad choices happen in a car.
So I'm doing a little role play.
Oh, no, I had too much to drink.
No, gross, stop, uh.
What do you do, Duncan?
Go for it?
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Meet Duncan Played By Amy Poehler | Season 1 | DUNCANVILLE

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 24, 2020
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