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we will be doing random play dance
Honestly because we're doing so many 2x speed dance
you guys may have practiced before come here
So, if you guys can complete the random play dance within 3 chances
you can do the 2x speed dance
Okay we'll start the random play dance
are you ready?
*we are ready*
we give you 3 chances
it must be verse 1
music cue!!
Song: Seventeen - Don't wanna cry
succeed to find their place in once
these guys are good...
success in 5 seconds
Song: Seventeen - Manse
S.Coups is confused
He still can't find his place
S.Coups we're watching you
Song: Seventeen - Pretty U
Ah... S.Coups again...?
Jun helping S.Coups to find his place
Leader failed...
I think he's doing that purposely
If he did that purposely it won't be no fun like this
So, the first chance had been used
you still have 2 chances left
music... cue!!
just stand wherever
Song: Seventeen - Don't wanna cry
pretends to not wrong once again
Song: Seventeen - Adore U
Lemon Angel's sense has comeback
Song: Seventeen - Boom Boom
it's not like that...
my place should be there but
i think someone took my place
So, it's our studio's fault
No no it's not like that
It's cable broadcast Weekly Idol's studio fault
We're sorry because our stage is small
So, here is your last chance
Seventeen Fighting!!!!
we don't want to...cry
music cue
Song: Seventeen - Very Nice
Song: Seventeen - Manse
you're doing good
Carats are you watching
y'all doing good Seventeen!!
Seventeen random play dance SUCCESS!!!
Honestly it's hard to success this random play dance with 13 members
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(Weekly Idol EP.308) SEVENTEEN Random play dance FULL ver.

25 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on February 22, 2020
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