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MC: For this game we'll get to see how good the teamwork is for each unit
We'll show you a word. You must explain that word to the next person using only your eyes.
SVT: Just our eyes?
Exactly. Then the last person must guess the right answer
SK: Aah, so you're not supposed to express it with your body but with your eyes??
Just your eyes.
Each team gets 100 seconds.
The team that get the most words will be the winning team.
MC: Since we started with performance team last time, let's have the vocal team to go first.
- Alright! - Come on up.
MC: Only 4 people! Only 4 people! (because the other two teams only have 4 members so that way it would be fair)
Here we go!
MC: No gestures
MC: Ready... - This one's easy
MC: Start!
[So refreshing]
Ahhh like that~
[Carbonated Soda-Fairy]
[The refreshing look changed to the aegyo look] MC: That's right!
That's the right look. - He's good
(He understands)
50% of the Carbonated refreshed feels has been lost
MC: Yes that's right! That's very precise!
MC: Seungkwan needs to be able to get this
[Now 90% of the Carbonated refreshed feel has been lost] [Seungkwan trying to understand]
They ruined it now...
SK: Juseyo~ [t/n: translates to (please) give it (to me)]
MC: Wrong!
MC: No, it's not 'juseyo'.
MC: Turn around again.
SK: (laughs) Don't make that face!
Quickly turn back!
SK: Let's make it quick!
(The word is sulky)
SC: Oh. This one's hard
- Ok ok ok - I got it!
[They have zero worries as they looked at Woozi demonstrated it]
[I'm sulky~]
SK: 'Sulky' MC: That's right!
SK: (Overly enthusiastic after getting his first answer right) Ooh so it was an emotion
(Fans, try to figure this one out)
- We're short on time - Woozi is doing a great job
WZ: Was that okay? Did you get it?
[He's just following Woozi's stare]
WZ: Did you feel what I meant?
(So different from the eyes Woozi made)
SK: Conviction? Confidence?
Mingyu: Can he make that many guesses? - It's fine
SK: Determination!
(Doesn't seem to be the right answer)
SK: Faith!
MC: Faith? SK: Belief! Faith!
MC: Stop! - MC: Time is up!
DK: That was hard
WZ: The last one was 'love'
MC: How did you express 'love'?
SVT: That's not it!
SK: How was that 'LOVE'?
MC: Dokyeom, how did you interpret woozi's expression?
DK: Ah well I thought that it meant 'I can do this'
JH: I also thought the same
MC: Aah, it was Love
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(Weekly Idol EP.342) My Name is WOO JI 'I don't Know LOVE'

36 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on February 22, 2020
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