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(After kissing me now aegyo)
As a gift for the fans..
Seventeen is Seventeen because of Carats, isn't it?
That's why we have prepared this
(It's oppa-ya, isn't is?)
Are we right?
Woozi's thought: Oh lord
Doni: It's Lovelyz!
(You want to do it too? This person follows too)
(Frozen Woozi)
It will be a burden for Woozi to do it right away. So Seventeen aegyo king, Jeonghan should do it first
J: Me?
(As expected from the aegyo king. He didn't refuse.)
You're good at it
Coni: Jeonghan will be doing it but Vernon, beside of me, said ok, I'll be the next one
Vernon's thoughts: Me? Me?
Seventeen's aegyo trilogy: Teaser- Jeonghan -> Preview - Vernon -> The movie- Woozi
C: You said you wanted to do it
D: It's Jeonghan first
("The real oppas doing the oppa-ya video" Start)
(Oppa-ya Teaser ver. Yoon elf--- Jeonghan)
(What am I doing now? Suddenly back to reality.)
C:Jeonghan's aegyo is... D: Not bad. C:Not bad.
(A not bad aegyo according to doniconi's standard)
(Immediately finds another target)
Vernon: Ok, I get it. Where should I look?
(Oppa-ya preview ver. Hansol mode -- Vernon)
(Hi, I'm Hasol)
Hyung's eyes are spilling honey (which means they look at him lovingly)
(Cuter than expected)
(This is my future...)
(The face of a handsome guy will do no wrong)
Doni: Vernon is good.
(Now is the real real) (Real...Jinja... Is this a Ong refrence??)
Now is woozi's turn!
(Our Jihoonie's aegyo time)
(Hyung, him nae.) (similar to fighting)
D: Who made the Seventeen today?
(This is a carrot only aegyo)
D: What do fans want?
Jeonghan: Woozi's aegyo
D: I only speak to here
(Feels relief after doing aegyo)
D: An aegyo just for the fans
(Licking his lips)
Coni: You have to do your best.
C:music cue.
(Oppa-ya aegyo trilogy- The movie ver. malung malung---- Woozi) (Malung malung means soft, like a mochi)
(As long as it is not me, tourist mode on, focused on Woozi)
(Our Jihoonie is here)
(Aegyo skills coming out as time goes by)
(Who is this hyung?)
(The main aegyo person in Seventeen is here)
(Woozi is crying again(?))
( Cringey x Moved)
(Carat memorial day --- 2017.06.21 The birth of Aegyo Master Jihoon)
C: This. This. D: Now we know why they say woozi. (as a way to say woozi is good at aegyo)
(Although embarrassed, woozi still feels good when they compliments him)
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(Weekly Idol EP.308) SEVENTEEN ver. OPPAYA

68 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on February 22, 2020
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