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- [Jacob] Any magical historian can tell you
that the wizarding world spans books, films,
a Broadway play, and J.K. Rowling's unstoppable
Twitter updates.
Hey, everyone.
This is Jacob with "Cinematica",
and we're writing a history lesson of our own
with a Harry Potter timeline.
This video will cover the original eight films,
with a focus on the decade-long struggle
between Harry and Voldemort,
though there's a bunch of stuff that happens
before the decades-long part.
- I read about it in "Hogwarts, A History."
- [Jacob] I'm sure you did, Hermione,
but that means no "Fantastic Beasts"
and no "Cursed Child", thankfully.
So maybe this'll be a little less comprehensive
than "Hogwarts, a History."
But I'm sure many would agree that might be for the better.
And nevermind the Hogwarts Express for now,
'cause we're twisting our Time Turner
way back to 1,000 years ago, circa the 900s
to around the 1300s.
In the 10th century, four of the leading witches
and wizards of England establish Hogwarts School
of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
They are Godric Griffindor, Helga Hufflepuff,
Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin.
They each found a school house that embodies
their respective personalities.
Unfortunately, Slytherin's personality turns out
to be bigoted fascist, so isn't long
before he mucks up the whole system.
He believes that only pure-blooded wizards
are suitable for mentorship at Hogwarts,
causing a fallout between him
and the other founders.
He retires, but not before building
the Chamber of Secrets and placing a basilisk inside
so that one day his heir can free it
and purge the school of half-bloods and muggle-borns.
Good, cool stuff.
Such a cool thing to do, my dude.
Hundreds of years later, in the 1200s,
the three Peverell brothers come into possession
of three tools that are immensely OP.
Dubbed the Deathly Hallows, they are the Invisibility Cloak,
the Resurrection Stone, and the Elder Wand.
And it's believed that the brothers received them
from death himself.
As death claims each of the brothers' lives,
the items are lost to time.
Later that very same century,
the Triwizard Tournament is founded.
Hogwarts participates in the tournament,
along with its fellow wizarding schools,
the Durmstrang Institute and Beaubatons Academy of Magic,
which is ridiculous, since that school is in France
and should be pronounced Beauatons, but I digress.
100 years after that, the French alchemist Nicholas Flamel
or Nicholas Flamel I guess, creates a massively powerful
piece of magic called the Philosopher's Stone,
which sidebar, Flamel was a real person
who lived from about 1330 to 1418,
and the Philosopher's Stone is an actual mythological item
that is actually called the Philosopher's Stone
and is not the Sorcerer's Stone
as American audiences were lead to believe.
The copy I've had since I was a kid says
"Philosopher's Stone" and this is a hill
I will gladly die on.
Extra points to "Full Metal Alchemist"
for not needlessly changing the name
of the Philospher's Stone.
And if you wanna watch that timeline
you can find it over on our sister channel,
Get in the Robot, sidebar over.
Anyway, Flamel uses the Stone to create an elixir of life
that sustains him for hundreds of years.
Its life-giving properties are far more effective
than those of unicorn blood.
He lasts longer than the Triwizard Tournament,
which ends in 1792 after the tradition is deemed
to be too dangerous.
And we very plainly see why in "The Goblet of Fire"
but I'm getting way ahead of myself.
So anyway, like 100 years later, in 1899,
the young wizard, Gellert Grindelwald is expelled
from the Durmstrang Institute after performing
dark experiments and attacks on students.
Post-expulsion Grindelwald goes to live
with his great aunt, Bathilda Bagshot
who introduces him to her neighbor, Albus Dumbledore.
The two boys cultivate a close and complicated friendship
which later turns romantic built on ambition
and their shared aptitude for magic.
Though you'd never know the the romantic part
if you were just watching the movies.
They soon begin plotting a wizarding revolution
by finding the Deathly Hallows and bringing an end
to the international statute of secrecy.
But Albus has responsibilities that he's choosing to ignore.
Specifically, after his mother's death,
he and his younger brother Aberforth were left
as the main caregivers to their young
and vulnerable sister Ariana.
When Aberforth confronts Albus about his dereliction
of duty, Grindelwald steps in and uses the Cruciatus Curse
on the young wizard.
Albus is horrified by the use of one
of the unforgivable curses
and the three wizards begin to duel.
Ariana gets caught in the crossfire,
is struck by a spell, and dies.
On New Year's Eve of 1926, Tom Marvolo Riddle was born
to a witch mother and muggle father
who got mixed up in this business against his will.
Riddle's mother cast a love spell on him.
Through his mom, Merope Gaunt, he's the direct heir
of Salazar Slytherin, but his upbringing isn't so lofty.
Since his mother died and his father's out of the picture,
he's raised at Wool's Orphanage in London.
Dark happenings follow Tom.
On holiday on a seaside cave, he traumatizes some
of his fellow orphans.
In 1938, Hogwarts professor, Albus Dumbledore,
who has aged pretty ungracefully
since his youth as Jude Law, visits Tom at the orphanage.
Despite the warning signs that Tom is super evil,
Dumbledore invites him to Hogwarts.
During his time at the school, Tom becomes a handsome
and brilliant student and a favorite
of potions master, Horace Slughorn.
But he also becomes a bigoted fascist
who's drawn to super evil magic.
I guess it runs in the family.
He spends his free time in the restricted section
of the library researching super evil things.
After learning about his muggle heritage,
Tom tracks down and murders his father
and paternal grandparents
at Riddle house in Little Hangleton.
He reclaims an old heirloom of his mother's family,
a ring that he wears around Hogwarts.
Little does he know at the time that the ring contains
the fabled Resurrection Stone.
It's never specified, but Tom must have used the murders
of his muggle family to fashion the stone
into the first of his seven horcruxes later down the line.
In 1942, after one of Slughorn's famous dinner parties
Tom stays behind.
He probes the professor about the nature of horcruxes.
Back up vessels for the soul made by killing another person.
He floats the idea of splitting a soul
into seven fragments and Slughorn is rightfully terrified,
but he doesn't tell anyone about the incident.
A year later, Tom discovers
the Chamber of Secrets' hidden entrance.
He frees Slytherin's basilisk so it can roam the halls
of Hogwarts, killing Myrtle Warren.
In the ensuing investigation, Tom blames Rubius Hagrid
for opening the chamber.
Hagrid's expelled and his wand is broken,
but Dumbledore remains suspicious of Tom.
Suffering under Dumbledore's watchful eye,
Tom stopped exploring the chamber
and turns his personal diary into his second horcrux.
In the following years,
Tom creates three additional horcruxes
further dividing his soul.
In 1945, Dumbledore has a legendary dual
against the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald
that's literally a whole other story,
but the main takeaway is that Dumbledore is victorious
and seizes control of the Elder Wand from him.
But now there's a new dark lord in town.
At some additional edge lord Tom Riddle thinks
it would be cool to rearrange the letters in his name
to make a dark lord title
and takes the mantle of Lord Voldemort.
The name matches his new super creepy appearance.
The severing of his soul drains Lord Voldemort
of his humanity, leaving him pale and serpentine.
Also he has no nose.
Probably part of that whole looking like a snake thing
but he has no nose and it's weird and gross
but now whenever I see Ray Fiennes I don't recognize him
because I mostly know him for having no nose.
In this transformative time, Voldemort gains a legion
of followers called Death Eaters who help him incite fear
and discrimination in the wizarding world.
And basically, he's the biggest threat
to the wizarding world since Gellert Grindelwald.
It's a period of civil war.
The Order of the Phoenix, founded by Albus,
protects the Ministry of Magic
from Voldemort's reign of terror.
Elsewhere, a young muggle-born witch named Lily Evans
is coming into her powers.
She falls out of favor with her jealous sister Petunia,
if Petunia ever favored her in the first place,
but meets another magical boy named Severus Snape.
The two become fast friends,
but their relationship is put
in jeopardy once school begins.
The Sorting Hat sorts Lily into Gryffindor
while Snape is sorted into Slytherin.
They're further estranged by the marauders,
a mischevious group of Gryffindor boys who bully Snape.
They're made up of Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew,
Remus Lupin, and James Potter.
All four boys are animagi, having learned how to transform
into animals so that Lupin wouldn't have to feel so bad
about being a werewolf which is pretty sweet actually.
James eventually starts a relationship with Lily,
and it completely alienates Snape.
Though Snape is a proficient student,
even marking up a potions textbook under the alias
of the Half Blood prince, he's lonely.
I mean, he was calling himself the Half Blood Prince
it doesn't take a genius to see
that someone like that is lonely.
In his isolation he turns to Lord Voldemort
becoming one of his Death Eaters.
Conversely, Lily and the Marauders joined
the Order of the Phoenix to stand against the dark lord.
Sirius Black brother Regulus Black
also becomes a Death Eater.
He's a loyal servant to Voldemort until the Dark Lord
uses Regulus's hous elf, Creature, for a trial run
on a horcrux challenge.
Voldemort hides Salazar Slytherin's locket
in the seaside cave from his childhood
protected by a poisonous potion
that he makes the elf drink.
Upon learning this, Regulus and creature go back
to the cave and steal the locket.
They leave behind a fake locket with a hidden note inside,
presumably saying you got pranked
underneath whatever the actual note said.
But Regulus is killed by Inferi.
Creature takes the real locket back
to the Black Family's ancestral home
but he's incapable of destroying it.
In 1979, at the height of Lord Voldemort's powers,
Sybill Trelawney foresees his downfall.
She recites a prophesy that Dumbledore,
at her Hogwarts job interview, stating that
"The one with the power to vanquish
"the Dark Lord approaches, born to those
"who have thrice defied him,
"born as the seventh month dies."
Little do they realize that Severus Snape is
on the other side of the door eavesdropping.
He delivers the news directly back to Lord Voldemort
who determines that the defiers in question
are Lily and James Potter and that the chosen one
is their son, Harry.
The Dark Lord decides to track them down and kill them.
But since Snape is still in love with Lily,
he's like, oh boy, shouldn't have said that,
so he rushes to Dumbledore to confess his sins.
They concoct a plan to to protect the Potters
but it fails when Peter Pettigrew gives in
to Voldemort's influence and sells them out.
On Halloween 1981, Voldemort invades Lily
and James's house in Godric's Hollow
and then murders them.
And if you're doing the math here,
that means that Lily and James were only 21 when they died.
And there's also a nonzero chance that they were listening
to "Bette Davis Eyes" when this all went down.
Though Voldemort tries to kill Harry too,
the boy is protected by love magic imparted
by his mom as she sacrifices her life to save her son
so the spell backfires.
Harry lives and Voldemort's body is vanquished.
His soul survives though, thanks to his horcruxes,
and an additional soul fragment is imprinted
into Harry through a forehead scar.
It's in the shape of the Avada Kedavara hand motion,
that being the spell that was used to murder Harry's family.
But to the rest of us muggles the scar
just looks like a lightning bolt.
Sirius Black realizes that Pettigrew betrayed the Potters
and confronts him, but Pettigrew fakes his own death
via explosion, implicating Sirius of the crimes,
including selling out the Potters.
Sirius is convicted and sent to Azkaban Prison
while Pettigrew becomes a full-time rat
for the little boys in the Weasley family,
but honestly being a rat would probably be an upgrade
for me if I looked like this at age 21.
Actually I didn't look that different.
I'm gonna move on now.
To allow orphan Harry to grow up as normally as possible
Dumbledore send him to live with his Aunt Petunia
and Uncle Vernon Dursley in Little Whinging England.
They've got a son of their own named Dudley
and they're none too happy about having to raise
this second cursed child.
It turns out that maybe sending Harry to these folks
might've maybe, sort of, been kind of a bad idea
since for the next 10 years
Harry grows up tormented by the Dursleys.
They stow him away in cupboard under the stairs
and keep his entire magical history a secret from him.
Meanwhile, Voldemort leads a cursed life of his own,
surviving in a sub-spirit state in the forests
of Albania, possessing snakes to survive.
His followers are tried
by the Ministry of Magic for their crimes.
During his trial, Igor Karkaroff ousts Barty Crouch Jr.
as a Death Eater.
Crouch is sentenced to Azkaban while Karkaroff
becomes headmaster of the Durmstrang Institute.
And Snape becomes a Hogwarts professor
and Lucius Malfoy remains the head of one
of the richest wizarding families
and is there no justice?
All of Voldemort's followers have turned their backs
on him, but he's eventually discovered by Quirrell,
a muggle studies professor from Hogwarts
with an unnatural interest in super evil arts.
His lack of self-worth makes him susceptible
to Voldemort's trickery, so the Dark Lord latches himself
onto the back of Quirrell's head,
concealed by a bright purple turban.
It's very inconspicuous.
1991-1992, Harry's first year at Hogwarts.
In happier news, Harry Potter's life changes
in the summer of 1991
when he receives his Hogwarts acceptance letter.
Though the Dursley's go to the ends of the earth, literally,
to keep Harry away from magic,
Hagrid tracks them down and liberates the boy.
He tells Harry about his historic backstory
including the fact that he's already a celebrity
in the wizarding world for surviving Voldemort
and sets him up
with all the back to school supplies he needs
including a beautiful snowy owl named Hedwig.
I hope nothing happens to her.
Along the way they stop at Gringotts wizarding bank
to withdraw the Philosopher's Stone
which is to be moved to Hogwarts for safekeeping.
Once there it will be magically contained
within the Mirror of Erised, obtainable only
by someone who is worthy.
Also Harry has like a million
bazillion dollars in wizard money.
On the Hogwarts Express Harry meets Ron Weasley
with full-time rat Peter Pettigrew in his lap,
though the Weasley family's taken to calling him Scabbers,
and Hermione Granger.
After super rudely buying and entire train's worth
of refreshments they're his ride or die squad
for his entire academic career.
He's sorted into Gryffindor and becomes a quidditch jock
just like his father before him.
Though the Sorting Hat really said he could go
to Gryffindor or Slytherin, it was kind of a toss up
since Harry has part of the soul of an evil wizard
embedded into his forehead, you know.
Meanwhile Quirrell and Voldemort learn
that the Philosopher's Stone has been moved to Hogwarts.
Using the stone's power they'd be able to restore Voldemort
to his full form, so they unleash a troll as a distraction
while they try to retrieve it.
It turns out that the stone is guarded by a three-headed dog
named Fluffy, and Quirrell's two heads are no match for it.
Harry and his cohorts come to suspect that it's actually
Professor Snape that's trying to steal the stone
so they decide to steal it before he can.
Thanks to Hagrid's loose lips, they're abel to get
past Fluffy and the other trials,
but their numbers dwindle along the way
until only Harry is left standing.
Ron and Hermione are fine though, whatever.
He confronts Quirrell and Voldemort
at the Mirror of Erised which senses his selfless motives
and rewards him with the stone.
When Quirrell tries to snatch it from him
Harry disintegrates him with love magic
and Voldemort's fragmented soul flies off
to fight another day, screaming, "We'll meet again,
"Spider Man," or whatever.
In the aftermath of the incident, Dumbledore destroys
the Philosopher's Stone, bringing an eventual end
to Nichaloas Flamel's long life,
and then he totally cheats Slytherin
out of the house cup by awarding Gryffindor
with 170 house points for, at the award ceremony
'cause the system is rigged and it's,
That summer Lucius Malfoy begins a campaign
to reopen the Chamber of Secrets
and purge Hogwarts of its muggle-born
and half-blood students.
His house elf Dobby finds out about the scheme
and tries to protect Harry from it.
He ostracizes the boy from Hogwarts by withholding
all of the letters from his friends
and by sealing up the gateway to Platform Nine
and Three-Quarters, you know, the platform
at King's Cross that leads to the train?
With a little help from Ron's flying car,
Harry makes it to school with only a few scratches
and a little detention.
But the plan's already in motion.
Lucius pawns off Voldemort's diary, the first horcrux,
onto Ron's sister Ginny.
The diary brainwashes Ginny into reopening the chamber
and unleashing the basilisk
which traverses the halls petrifying a handful
of the student body including Hermione.
Knowing that the chamber can only be opened
by Slytherin's heir, the school goes into a whodunit frenzy
of finding the culprit until Ginny vanishes completely.
Harry and Ron follow a lead from Moaning Myrtle
ghost of Myrtle Warren, the student that the basilisk killed
all those years ago.
Harry and Ron venture into the Chamber of Secrets
to find Ginny there, only to come face-to-face
with Tom Riddle himself.
Luckily Dumbledore's Phoenix, Fawkes, delivers the sword
of Gryffindor to Harry at a crucial moment
and uses it to slay the snake monster.
That super charges it with basilisk venom
which becomes important later.
Then using the basilisk's fang,
Harry stabs and destroys the diary,
destroying the first fragment of Voldemort's soul.
Oh, and also Gideroy Lockhart was the Defense Against
the Dark Arts teacher that year
but you can just forget about him.
Whatever, it's not important.
He directed the first Thor, he's doing fine.
After spending 12 years in Azkaban, Sirius Black learns
that Peter Pettigrew is still alive
and attending Hogwarts as a full-time rat.
Sirius uses his shape-shifting abilities
to escape the inescapable prison as a dog
and then swims back to shore to track down his old friend.
Since the general public still believe
that Sirius betrayed the Potters,
they all believe that Harry is his target.
The Ministry of Magic deploys the soul-sucking dementors
to recapture Sirius before he gets to the boy.
But the dementors board the Hogwarts Express
and feed on all of Harry's angst,
but he's saved by Remus Lupin.
He's the no Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher
and he gives Harry private lessons
on the Patronus charm, the spell used to repel dementors.
In other Hogwarts news, Professor McGonagall gives Hermione
a rare time turner so that she can take extra classes
which is the lamest excuse to use time travel ever.
But whatever.
And Draco Malfroy harasses a fantastic beast named Buckbeak
and gets bucked himself.
And since Draco was too rich to take responsibility
for his actions, his daddy has Buckbeak sentenced to death.
Before Buckbeak is executed, future Harry
and future Hermione appear
via the time turner, and save him.
Before any of that happened though,
as the present-day trio helplessly watched
the would be execution, full-time rat, Peter Pettigrew,
bites Ron and flees into the woods.
The friends chase him but their intercepted by Sirius Black
who drags Ron into the Shrieking Shack.
Once they're all inside Lupin joins them
and explains that this has all been a misunderstanding
as Sirius is actually just trying to kill Ron's family pet.
They forcibly revert Pettigrew back to human form
and take him toward the castle.
It's bad timing though 'cause it's a full moon
so Lupus goes beast mode and messes everything up.
Pettigrew escapes while Harry and Serius are accosted
by dementors until future Harry appears and vanquishes them
with a Patronus charm, but present Harry doesn't know
it's his future self who send the silvery stage yet
'cause he hasn't done it yet to him.
Whatever, Sirius black is captured
and then sentenced to death so Harry and Hermione use
the time turner to go back in time
and do all of those things that I just explained.
That was like the most confusing explanation ever.
I hate explaining time travel.
Everybody got that?
Having escaped from Harry and his friends,
Pettigrew creates a rudimentary childlike body
for Voldemort, gross.
Pettigrew and proto-Voldemort take refuge
at the old Riddle house.
Caretaker Frank Bryce investigates the disturbance
at the abandoned manor, so Voldemort kills him.
He then turns Nagini into the seventh horcrux.
Afterword Barty Crouch Jr. and a band of Death Eaters
terrorize the Quidditch World Cup,
where Harry and his friends just happened to be.
Around that time, the Death Eaters abduct the auror,
Mad-Eye Moody, and Crouch uses a polyjuice potion
to take his place.
Naturally Moody becomes the new Defense Against the
Dark Arts teacher, actually Crouch.
This year the school is hosting the Tri-wizard Tournament
for the first time in 200 years
and their pretty sure it won't be too dangerous.
Students who are over the age of 17 can submit their names
into the Goblet of Fire which will then select
one champion from each of the three schools.
The Death Eaters didn't get the memo about the rules though,
so face Moody puts Harry's name in the cup
and selects him as a fourth contestant
along with the actual Hogwarts champion Cedric Diggory.
Dumbledore asks him calmly--
- Harry, did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire?"
- [Jacob] But in the end it doesn't matter
because rules, Harry is contractually obligated to compete
just as the Death Eaters intended.
The Tri-Wizard carries on
with each challenge more dangerous than the last,
but Moody rigs it so that Harry is guaranteed to win.
The final task is to find the Tri-Wizard cup
within a hedge maze.
Kind of underwhelming after all
of the other challenges, honestly.
At the end of the maze, Harry and Cedric agree
to grab the cup together, but the cups been enchanted
into a teleportation device called a Port Key
and it whisks them away to a graveyard.
Peter Pettigrew and Voldemort await Harry there.
They quickly dispose of Cedric,
he's dead, but whatever, it's cool, he's a vampire
or Batman or something.
The two then use Harry
in a ritual that resurrects Voldemort.
He summons all of his Death Eaters and publicly shames them
before turning his attention back to Harry.
The Dark Lord initiates a duel
to prove himself superior to his adversary.
Harry whips out the only spell he's half decent at,
Expelliarmus, which meets Voldemort's Avada Kedavra.
The spells collide in "Dragon Ball Z" beam struggle
that frees the echoes of Voldemort's victims.
Harry's parents, Frank Bryce, and Cedric Diggory
keep the Dark Lord at bay
while Harry flees the graveyard with Cedric's body.
Upon his return to Hogwarts,
Harry and the professors expose Crouch disguised as Moody
and find the real one alive trapped in a magic chest.
Despite Harry's firsthand encounter with Voldemort,
the Ministry of Magic refuses to acknowledge
that the Dark Lord has returned even though
he very much has.
And he's rebuilding his army
by freeing prisoners from Azkaban.
Something that the Ministry is pinning on Sirius
and he's looking to correct the failure
that led to his downfall.
To that end, he and the Death Eaters are after the prophecy
that first predicted his defeat.
Back at Hogwarts, the Ministry designates the worst villain
in the history of the Harry Potter series, Delores Umbridge,
as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher,
but she shares their denial of climate change,
I mean Voldemort's return.
Since she won't actually teach her students
how to defend themselves against the dark arts,
Harry and his friends do it instead.
They start Dumbledore's Army, a wizarding fight club,
to prepare for the inevitable battle.
And for snogging, it was unavoidable.
Their training pays off when Harry has a vision
of Sirius being tortured by Voldemort.
It's a trap meant to lure them
to the Ministry of Magic, and it works.
They find the prophecy there,
but they're hoodwinked by Lucius Malfoy.
He threatens to kill them all
if Harry doesn't relinquish the prophecy.
Before the deal is done, the Order of the Phoenix arrives
led by Sirius Black, and dukes it out with the Death Eaters.
In the fray, the prophecy shatters, and Sirius is killed
by his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange.
Harry pursues her to exact his revenge,
but he's waylayed by Voldemort.
The Dark Lord has the upper hand this time,
but luckily Dumbledore arrives to protect the boy.
The two master wizards duel in a spectacular battle
and just as it comes to a close,
the wizarding workday begins
and all of the Ministry officials flood in.
They witness Voldemort in the flesh
proving once and for all that he's back.
Which is like the wildest way to start your work week.
I probably would've taken the day off.
Following the loss of the prophecy,
Voldemort inducts Draco Malfoy into the Death Eaters
and tasks him with assassinating Dumbledore.
That would bring the Malfoy family
back into his good graces.
Snape tattles to Dumbledore,
but finds that the headmaster's been cursed
after destroying one of Voldemort's horcruxes,
the Resurrection Stone ring.
With Dumbledore's life already on the line,
the two of them agree
that Snape should be the one to kill Dumbledore.
In anticipation of his death, Dumbledore packs
the Resurrection Stone into the snictch
from Harry's first quidditch game
to be posthumously gifted to him.
Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts is filled
with teen drama and magical high jinks
and more snogging, and there's this mystery
about this Half Blood Prince bloke,
but eventually he and Dumbledore get down to business.
The headmaster has located a third horcrux
in the seaside cave from Tom Riddle's childhood.
Not realizing that the locket is a fake,
they retrieve it, barely escaping with their lives.
Upon their return to Hogwarts they find
that it's been raided by Death Eaters.
Harry hides while Dumbledore face them.
At the astronomy tower Draco disarms the headmaster
making him the master of the Elder Wand
but he can't bring himself to kill Dumbledore
and chickens out at the last second.
So one of the most infamous spoilers of all time happens
and Snape kills Dumbledore.
As the Death Eaters pillage Hogwarts,
the students and teachers mourn the headmaster's death.
Voldemort continues his new reign of terror.
To keep Harry safe from it,
the Order orf the Phoenix deliver him
to the Weasley's home at the borough,
but there are casualties along the way.
Rest in peace Mad-Eye.
We hardly even knew the real you.
And also, whoops, something happened to Hedwig.
Harry's determined to continue Dumbledore's quest
for the horcruxes, but Ron convinces him
to stay for his brother's wedding.
Well, their wedding gets ransacked by Death Eaters anyway,
so the questing begins.
The trio heads to the Black family's ancestral home
and meets Creature.
They learn the Creature had the real locket
but it was stolen by Mundungus Fletcher
who gave it to Dolores Umbridge who is working
in the corrupt Ministry.
So, like, they go and get that.
For months the gang stays camped out
in the wilderness hiding from Death Eaters
while trying to destroy the locket.
All the while, Voldemort's siege
of the wizarding world continues.
Now turncoat Snape has even taken over
as headmaster of Hogwarts.
The situation looks grim
but Snape pulls through for the good guys.
He stealthily withdraws the super charged sword
of Gryffindor from Bellatrixes bank vault
and deposits in within a frozen lake.
Then lures Harry over using a Patronus charm.
Ron strikes the locket with the blade
and destroys it weakening the Dark Lord.
But old Tom is feelin' all right since he goes grave digging
and steals the Elder Wand from Dumbledore's tomb.
Though they have been cautious,
Harry and his friends are captured by snatchers
and brought to Malfoy Manor.
Before the Death Eaters can do their thing though,
Dobby apparates in and jailbreaks the trio.
In the ensuing battle, Harry disarms Draco
so now he's the master of the Elder Wand, keep track.
They apparate away from the manor
but Bellatrix sneaks a killing blow on Dobby.
With four Horcruxes left to go,
Harry, Ron, and Hermione hit up Gringotts Bank
and the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts.
They destroy one of the hidden objects using fiend fire
and the other with basilisk fang
from the Chamber of Secrets,
so it's all coming full circle now.
And then there's more snogging though.
Seriously, everyone knows that the real 'ship
is Ron and Harry.
Voldemort grows wise to the trio's questing
so he sends the Death Eaters to raid the school.
The attack becomes known as the Battle of Hogwarts
and many great witches and wizards die
in the epic confrontation
and Molly Weasley gets to deliver her iconic line
channeling her inner Ellen Ripley.
- Not my daughter, you bitch!
- [Jacob] Elsewhere Voldemort is under the impression
that Snape is the proper master of the Elder Wand
since he was the one who killed Dumbledore,
unaware that Draco became the master beforehand.
So he sics his snake Nagini on him.
Sidebar, Nagini used to be a human woman,
but that's a whole, that's a whole other thing.
Through Snape's memories Harry learns
that a piece of Voldemort lives inside of him
and that he must die to destroy it.
So, like, he does that.
But Voldemort's killing curse only affects his own soul,
not Harry, so the boy who lived returns
for the final battle.
When Neville Longbottom heroically kills Nagini
and makes Voldemort completely vulnerable,
the Dark Lord tries to use the Elder Wand
to defeat Harry, it's true master,
and it rejects his spell, obliterating him.
With Voldemort fully extinguished from the earth,
the death eaters disband once again and Hogwarts rebuilds.
In the years following the Battle of Hogwarts,
Harry becomes an Auror and brings
the corrupt Ministry of Magic back to its former glory.
Not bad for a high school dropout.
He marries Ginny Weasley and they have three
ridiculously named children together.
Likewise, Ron and Hermione marry with children
and pick up lofty government jobs at the Ministry.
So it's a happy ending all around.
All is well.
And then the cursed child happened but let's, let's not.
I've been your host Jacob and thanks for watching.
What was your biggest accomplishment in high school?
Did you ever stop a decades-long reign of evil?
Or did high school just feel like one?
Let us know in the comments,
and as always, be sure to subscribe to "Cinematica"
for more timelines just like this one.
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The Simplified Harry Potter Timeline | Cinematica

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Courtney Shih published on February 6, 2020
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