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  • Five Nights at Freddy's Series Episode 1

  • Based on Five Nights at Freddy's universe created by Scott Cawthon

  • James, do you read me?

  • Yeah. I read you.

  • Good. You're in the main hallway.

  • You need to find the security room with the system unit and copy all the data from...

  • Hey, come on Rich. How many times you got over this?

  • I got it.

  • Yeah... Sorry... It's just realy important.

  • I'll get it done. Just keep informing me.

  • What a mess...

  • Yeah… I see it

  • Yo Rich. I got eyes on the corridor.

  • Wait! I think I saw something. On your right!

  • Like an old animatronic. Go check it out.

  • Yeah, there is something.

  • But I don't think I can get to it

  • There is big fence blocking my way.

  • No way I can get through.

  • You can get to that corridor through security room.

  • Cmon, keep moving.

  • Roger!

  • F*ck! This place giving me the creeps

  • So... The data files...

  • What do they want to find in them anyways?

  • The old security guard reports.

  • Maybe this is somehow can shedsome light on what happened to those children 28 years ago

  • Richard! On of the pipes leaking gas.

  • I thought this place was abandoned two decades. What's upon this?

  • I don't know. I got bad feeling this might be a setup

  • Like someone really didn't want anyone to get here before the building get demolished.

  • Thanks... What a relief.

  • Okay. I'm in a security room.

  • I got eyes on a computer.

  • Richard, there is a message on the monitor.

  • What am I supose to do with it?

  • Richard?

  • Richard!

  • Son of a..!

  • What am I suppose to do now??

  • !WARNING! A gas leak been detected within HUB_087. To prevent any further damage and fatalities please contact your local advisor and 911 before proceeding further.

  • Wow... Son of a bitch...

  • God dammit!

  • What happened?!

  • Oh, finally came back.

  • Look for yourself.

  • I... I don't know what happened.

  • I pushed the button than it sparked and smoke out of it.

  • Why you touched something without telling me?!

  • Hey! Don't you yell on me.

  • You went silent and didn't respond to me.

  • What was I suppose to do?! Just stay here and wait?!

  • I don't know man... I don't know.

  • Alright! Forget it. Look behind you.

  • There should be a control panel. You see it?

  • Yeah. I see it.

  • Okay. Hit the green button.

  • This should open the door to a next corridor.

  • Alright... I'm going in.

  • Stay in contact.

  • I don't want you to go silent again.

  • Hey Bonnie!

  • Seen better days?

  • Yeah, yeah... Me too, me too.

  • Finally!

  • I've got the chip.

  • I'm getting to hell out of here man...

  • What the?

  • Richard? Are you seing this?

  • Richard?

  • God dammit!

  • And what do we have here...

  • It' time...

  • These people will understand how weak and helpless they are...

  • I'll show them...

  • The real chaos!

Five Nights at Freddy's Series Episode 1

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