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Jesus didn't smoke pot,
But I do believe cannabis was the key ingredient in the holy anointing oil he used to perform
healing miracles.
Sound crazy?
Well, let's look at the evidence.
Jesus never referred to himself as 'Christ.'
That was a name given to him by his disciples.
It's an Aramaic word that means, 'The Anointed One.'
Which makes sense, because Jesus anointed his flock before sending them out to anoint others,
as described in Mark 6:13.
'They cast out many devils and anointed with oil many that were sick, and healed them.'
But what exactly was in that holy anointing oil that Jesus used to perform all those healing miracles?
The recipe for holy anointing oil is first found in the Old Testament: Exodus 30:22-23,
and calls for infusing 9 pounds of a plant known as 'kaneh-bosm,'
literally translated as 'fragrant cane,'
into about 6 quarts of olive oil, along with essential extracts of myrrh and cinnamon.
According to conventional biblical scholarship, the '250 shekels of kaneh-bosm,'
that's about 9 pounds,
listed in ancient Hebrew versions of the Old Testament, supposedly refers to a flowering plant
called calamus,
but Chris Bennett, author of the 2001 book 'Sex, Drugs, and Violence in the Bible,'
believes this is a mistranslation.
One stemming from a perhaps willful mistake made the first time the Old Testament was
translated into Greek.
Kaneh-bosm, he claims, was cannabis.
But could an oil infused with 9 pounds of cannabis really produce a 'healing miracle?'
Well, you might have seen a recent CNN special bout a little girl named Charlotte
who suffered 300 grand mal seizures per week,
even after cycling through every pharmaceutical anti-seizure medicine
and a series of painful procedures that left her unable to walk, talk, or eat.
The first time Charlotte's parents gave her a dose of wholly plant-derived cannabis oil,
her seizures immediately ceased and stopped for 7 straight days.
She's down from more than 1,200 major seizures per month to just 2 or 3 mild ones.
Some might call that a miracle.
Now, back to that recipe in the Old Testament:
Kaneh-bosm makes its first appearance in the Bible as part of the story of Moses and the burning bush,
when the revered Jewish prophet gets the holy anointing oil recipe
along with clear instructions to anoint only the priest class and kings.
So did Jesus later break this prohibition, by providing holy anointing oil to the sick?
Is that what made him such a threat to the powers- that-be, and led to his execution?
Aside from crucifixion, baptism is considered the only historically certain fact about Jesus' life.
But if water served as the catalyst for Jesus' spiritual ascension, why does he never perform a baptism?
Why take the name Christ?
And why anoint his flock in oil before sending them out to anoint others?
To those who believe that Jesus used cannabis oil, the answer lies in non-canonical Christian texts.
The canonical texts of the New Testament—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—
were not selected as canon until around 325 years after Jesus' death,
when the Roman Catholic Church selected them from a large number of contenders.
The Church then sought out and destroyed every account that differed from their now
official version of events.
Christians who continued to promote alternate views of Jesus and his teachings
were labeled heretics and brutally suppressed.
As a result, much of their scripture and dictates were thought to be lost forever.
Until 1945, when an Egyptian peasant digging for fertilizer in a cave
unearthed 13 leather-bound manuscripts inside a sealed jar,
a treasure trove purposely buried there by scribes at a nearby monastery sometime around A.D. 367,
when the church first condemned the use of non-canonical texts.
Within these volumes—many of which predate the books of the New Testament—
Biblical experts discovered a parallel but radically different telling of the life of Jesus,
one that places the anointing ceremony squarely at the center of Christianity.
The Gospel of Phillip, for instance, proclaims that any person who 'receives this oil…
is no longer a Christian but a Christ.'
A transformation then compared to baptism, in which would-be initiates
'Go down into the water and come up without having received anything…
because there is water in water There is fire in chrism.'
Chrism, of course, is the holy anointing oil.
And did I mention about the 9 pound of cannabis?
To hear more of this story, download this week's episode of Great Moments in Weed History.
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Author David Bienenstock On How Jesus Used Cannabis NowThis

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Naphtali published on February 1, 2020
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