B1 Intermediate US 92 Folder Collection
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Think about something around you.
Could you make it better?
And what makes things better?
Science is in everything, and everywhere.
So when you take something important to you and mix it with science,
amazing things can happen.
Mihir made drones fly smarter by imitating the movements of fruit flies.
Ann made flashlights shine by using the heat of her own hand.
Anarudh made vaccine refrigeration possible through the power of pedaling.
And now, it's your turn.
The Google Science Fair is a chance for curious young minds from all over the globe
to use science and engineering to make something stronger or smarter.
Louder, or larger.
Faster, or even slower.
So, what will you make better?
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What will you make better? Google Science Fair 2016

92 Folder Collection
Lange published on January 28, 2020
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