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Greatest city in the world.
Well, used to be.
Now it's a right mess.
Government's fucked off
Extremists are grabbing power,
Organized crime slicing up the boroughs
the War Dogs are out.
And freedom's a bloody joke.
But this ain't their London.
This is our London
And there's a new power growing.
It's all of us.
We're building a resistance.
One recruit at a time.
What's my favorite operative up to this evening?
And no, I never say that to the others.
Scouting talent, Bagley
So gob shut, eyes peeled, yeah?
I have no eyes.
and if I did, I wouldn't peel them.
The current threat level is severe.
Heightened security measures are in effect throughout London city limits.
Bloody drones are everywhere
Kicking our fucking teeth in lately.
Then I recommend you recruit someone who can deal with drones.
Brilliant. Never would have thought of that.
You're clear. Sod off.
All right, easy, I'm complying.
Impressive skill set.
Sure, but we need a drone expert, Raj.
not a shit-kicker.
File that one away for later.
Are you concerned about the increased Albion presence in London?
IMercenaries patrolling the street!
Mercenaries patrolling the street!
You! Get the fuck over here!
Me? I ain't done nothing!
Come on, you shifty prick, hurry up.
Well, now.
Jimmy Shore
No formal engineering training
But he has several mischief charges for hijacking Albion drones.
Hold still.
Fuck you, man, you got no right!
Fucking hell.
We find our drone expert and he's about to get himself nicked.
I'm Dedsec, get out of here!
Thank you
Please disperse in an orderly fashion.
Riot drone!
Stop. Keep your hands visible.
That's about to escalate if you don't--
Or just ignore me!
Prepare to be detained.
Not today.
Halt! Prepare to be detained.
Autodrive now disabled.
Several chase drones converging on your position.
No shit.
When were you planning to tell me about the bloody checkpoint?
Oh, there's a checkpoint.
Move. Move!
Fuck! We lost Ian.
He's gone.
Lovely evening, isn't it?
Ah, I used to feed the birds here.
Now they're all bloody machines.
Get used to it.
In the long march of progress everything dies eventually.
Eventually even you, Bagley, I'm sure.
Now there's my Helen.
Speaking of death.
you'll never guess what just happened to Ian.
Oh for God's sake, Bagley, a little respect!
Then let's finish what he started.
He was working on a new recruit, a drone expert.
That's promising.
What do we know about him?
Albion scanned Jimmy just before Ian was killed.
I should be able to predict his next move from that data.
Unfortunately, his records are locked up tighter than your compression stockings.
Are they, now?
Albion's even taken over Scotland Yard.
Complicates matters.
And there's my way in.
Hello, darling.
Time to go.
They'll be onto me.
Sleep tight.
The files you stole indicate that Jimmy's gone to Camden Market.
Let's get someone over there, Bagley.
Chop, chop!
Ready for some action, Naomi?
But this recruit better be worth all the trouble.
According to the Scotland Yard records.
Jimmy's sister was killed by Clan Kelly.
We believe he's seeking his revenge inside Camden Market.
Camden black market, you mean.
Yes. The Kellys are rumored to run all sorts of illicit goods out of the old stables.
Some with fingers and toes.
If he's gone in there alone
he's in big trouble.
The Kellys have this place on full lockdown.
Hm, I have an idea.
what we don't even know.
Today everything's all fine and dandy.
We need get your shift to Bagley tout fucking suite.
And be careful.
Now, Naomi, we've already lost one operative.
so try not to get killed.
Or we'll be in the red for the day.
Copy that.
What the hell?
Is this for me?
This better be a joke or I'm...
Cannabis and fentanyl,
together at last through the miracle of genetics.
The Kellys are moving loads of weapons out of here.
Not your typical back alley shanks.
It's human trafficking.
Found Jimmy.
Cheeky shit.
Fuck you!
And here we thought he might be in some sort of trouble.
So, um, how are you going to get him out of there?
Lots of hugs and kisses.
Keep going.
Give it to him.
Help! Help!
Don't fucking move.
I'll kill him.
Reinforcements are converging on your position.
On your feet, mate.
Well, what-- wait a minute.
Are you Dedsec?
Hope you're sharper than you look.
Jesus Christ!
Someone help me beat these DedSec pricks!
Backup, I need backup!
Does the rolling help?
Watch it!
Ah, no!
Fucking hell.
Well, we showed those fucks, didn't we?
We almost died out there tonight.
Look, thanks for helping me.
but I can handle myself.
Right, you think you're better off alone.
You think everyone else has given up
and there's no-one to trust.
That's what they want you to think.
And that's how they'll take us.
One at a time.
It doesn't have to be that way.
Together we can change things.
What happened to that bloke who helped me?
He didn't make it.
Fuck it.
Welcome to Dedsec, James.
OK, so...
Where do I go to meet the rest of the crew?
You don't need to go anywhere.
Look around you.
Everyone has a reason to fight
And Dedsec is open to anyone.
Welcome to the Resistance.
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146 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on January 16, 2020
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