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  • Armin

  • Calm down

  • Now, not the time to emo

  • Now, stand up!

  • Marco.

  • If we can clear out all the Kyojin at HQ,

  • we can go there pump petrol,

  • everyone can climb the wall

  • Correct?

  • Er, ya lah

  • But even you here also, got too many leh.

  • Can one.

  • Simi l*n

  • I am

  • power

  • More power than you all

  • Sibei sibei power!

  • So

  • I can zam all the Kyojin over there!

  • Even if I only one person!

  • You all only

  • cannot fight

  • also damn chicken until cmi

  • Damn wasted siah

  • You all stay here suck thumb can already

  • Take your time and suck

  • Oi Mikasa!

  • Eh what talking you?!

  • Got so many, you one person can meh?

  • Like that confirm cannot lah

  • If cannot,

  • then just die only

  • But, if win, can survive

  • If don't fight, how you know?

  • Leeemak! She cabut!

  • Siao zar boh..

  • You say until like that,

  • you think we really don't know what you want meh.

  • It's all your fault, Eren!

  • Oi! All of you!

  • Your grandmother teach you to let your friend fight one alone issit?!

  • Are you all really so hamji or not!?

  • Ugh!

  • That guy seriously arh...

  • Ah doi...

  • Oi!

  • Hamji!

  • Bohji!

  • Boh l*mpa!

  • Wah they all arh...

  • Wah piang eh!

  • Okay lah okay lah

  • I go I go!


  • Kin! Follow behind Mikasa!

  • We better chop chop curry pok

  • better get to HQ before the petrol boh liao!

  • Wa but that Mikasa damn power ah

  • How she go so fast arh?

  • Sh*t!

  • Her petrol use damn fast.

  • Like that jin kin tio bo liao

  • I know she damn power, but cannot move

  • means jialat liao!

  • I knew it

  • she confirm panic one

  • she anyhow whack,

  • and now kalang kaboh

  • later..

  • sekali...

  • gan!


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B2 lah mikasa petrol power kin meh

Shingeki no Kyojin (Singlish)

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    Mayu Okuuchi posted on 2020/01/14
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