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be honest good question you put me on the spot
your will be raw I will be wrong guaranteed yes
this is my favorite place I come here oh
I think I looked inside yeah it says not left not right forward wow there's so
much detail yeah and it's a visa it's gang early
investors look at that oh my gosh would you get that got it from the campaign
store 50 bucks a little bit I got a card to take you back yeah no card
oh my god so I'm like card-carrying original okay so tell me when did you
meet me first time
yes I think it was incredible we showed that math is greater than Mogga this is
a limited-edition shirt it was available for like 24 hours I knew I had to buy it
says yang gang on the back and there you go
sure yes my name is Nick Rivera from Connecticut thank you so much
I would say that it's his humanity putting humanity first meaning that you
know there's automation wave that's coming he's the only candidate that's
talking about that he's talked about you know freedom from substance abuse and
depression and and mental health things that other candidates are talking about
he really has his hand on the pulse of America right now and that's going to
appeal to people from all over the political spectrum technology near New
New York a lot of people there's a lot of Technology in the Yang Gang if you have
your hand up you know that what we did to the manufacturing jobs we will now do
to the retail jobs the call center jobs the fast food jobs the truck driving
jobs and on and on through the economy how many of you have noticed stores
closing around where you live and why are those stores closing it's a one-word
answer Washington Square Park humanity first rally saw Andrew Yang and it was
awesome a really good time and Ching interviewed me as she's like she's doing
right now and nothing's changed I'm back yeah I'm more Yang Gang than ever I watch
all the videos I tuned into many rallies livestreams as possible
like you know, shout out to grassroots hashtag Yang Gang I got to actually meet
them at the Basic Income March that was another one. Show Me the Money! Show Me
the Money! Show Me the Money! Were you come from today? Connecticut Connecticut
I'm living off the West Side of New York City so I just keep coming keep coming
to campus and get the word out and I gang out I got my gear and everything so
this is about our country and this is about a new way forward I saw that ad
that TV ad it blew me away it makes me hopeful it makes me optimistic that we
can have a better future for ourselves for our posterity save our democracy and
save capitalism by reforming it a human focused capitalism so we have
measurements on what matters to us like what really got me supporting Andrew
Yang is the fact that he's focused on mental health like he has a section
where he says I'm gonna invest in America's mental health and I was like
wow where you been because we definitely need that I have
to confess it like I suffer from depression. Okay, me too. Really? are
you serious? This really lifts my spirit. Yes, same here. You're not alone
I'm thinking talking to my psychiatrist, and I say that can I like not
taking the goddamn pills you know. I don't know. So this is like
every weekend, during the week I'm pretty busy, every weekend I always
look for something (for Andrew Yang) to do. I don't need people to tell me what to do anymore
Do you know Andrew Yang? He's running for the president for 2020
Wow! Cousy McDonald and you made it! That's awesome. What is the material how
do you make it so large? Yang Gang! so that's why I'm so excited, the first campaign I've
ever donated to, the first campaign I've ever followed as closely as I am this
one and I just tried to yang everybody I meet, getting the family, yang friends on
Facebook. I'm on Twitter you know, so I do it as much as I can. Well how did you
first hear about Andrew Yang? Okay, first of all, I am at Bubba Gump
my favorite restaurant in Times Square. Well I never was politically really
sensitive. I mean I like you watched stuff (on TV). I remember watching Bill Clinton
was being elected or the whole process debates stuff like that. So because I came
from China I grew up in China we don't have election. So I was so excited to
see, like so called freedom,
so called
this people have rights to vote.
This time with Andrew Yang it was because my college friend Cao Di. She said I'm
coming to New York. She's from Boston. she said I'm coming to New York I'm
going to go to the May 14, and there's a rally in Washington Square. I said Okay if
you come if you go I'll go with you. I had no idea who Andrea Yang was. So but
the funny thing was she was too busy, she didn't come. So I went anyway
because I cancelled all my students, so I planned to go. So I went and that's how
I met you Nick! otherwise I would not meet you.
That's fate. So I went, and I went really
early. I would I remember I've got there four o'clock with all my gears.
"Can I ask you some questions? You all look so young. Are you student." Yeah. "Where? may I?"
Here in the city.
"So you are involved with this thing just for today or for?"
We are all work at HQ (Andrew Yang head quarter).
I try to get on the podium where the media you know I am with the Juhl Media
that's my sort of company, independent
company, and then all the other people having like really fancy cameras, I was
holding the iPhone with the skinny tripod. You, go away! They throw me away. Fuck you! I went to the very
first row of the podium (stage), and I stood there for ninety minutes
"Who is the actor who played Forest?"
It's not like I'm gonna give you money okay. I'm gonna give you fucking thousand dollars.
Okay? "What?" This is Andrew Yang. Have you heard about him?
"No". Can you vote? Say yes! We are Yang Gangs. Check him out. Andrew Yang is the
next president of America. "Yes, he is."
Check him out. "YouTube him, Google him." He's a light-skinned Obama. He is a yellow Obama.
So I went that rally without having much expectations without doing too much research, but I was really
I didn't even like Andrew Yang at the rally you know why, because I think he's
full of shit! "Oh, wow?" But then I turned around, I see you I see a lot of people
I was so moved by the people and they're not e ven Asian. They're not
yellow, there are all kinds of colors. "Exactly!" That's what, "To see of humanity"
Yeah really energized man so from there on, the next movement is June 4th
I actually spent money to attend a fundraising.
I put the camera really close to him. I would love to take questions since you know I'd love to
take advantage of this environment.
"Andrew, my name is Ching Juhl, I live in New York City."
"I am a videographer and photographer, if you need me please let me know." Thank you Ching.
"I have watched so many of your videos you know interviewed by this and that"
"and for the last two years actually I have watched and I think a lot of"
"questions are very boring. So I just want to ask you an interesting question."
"if you, this week have three ap pointments to have lunch or dinner"
"with person who are dead or alive who would you like to have lunch with three"
"person or dinner and why?" So because I'm a very efficient person, they would all
be alive and they would all help the campaign. So the question is who are the
three people I could meet with that would be the biggest needle movers of
the campaign the fastest. And so I'd like to take suggestions but the three that
pop into my mind are Elon Musk
Mark Zuckerberg, love him or hate him and either Oprah Winfrey or Ellen DeGeneres
I mean it's gonna be tough to win them over but I would love to I'm actually
when I'm in Los Angeles for Bill Maher this week I'm also meeting with one of
the big celebrity agencies the William Morris Endeavor agency and they're
inviting a bunch of their celebrity clients so I'm going to be meeting with
like the Hollywood stars and see how many of them I can win over so that's my
my list of three. That was one of my best videos I made. He talked about
his strategy to us, to only 20 people, so it's very intimate. It's not bullshit
at the rally, you know. So and then a fter that I start to follow him more.
I read his book. "Yes, me too." Because they gave us a book since I paid money
to enter. "The War on Normal People"
yeah and then I bought the tape the CDs. "Yes!" I listen to the CDs
when I'm doing housework and so that really bought me. I Yanged my
husband first. "Yeah!" I am doctor Juhl, New York volunteering with the Andrew Yang presidential
campaign. I was wondering if you had settled on support for any candidate in
the election. So I put the book in his bag on our vacation in early August.
He actually read it, he likes to read. He read the whole thing. He is a Yang Gang. "Yeah!"
so you're not you're not decided yet? On anybody? Ya ya, me either. But
I figure you know well my son says "well, he can't possibly win." and I said, well
Trump couldn't possibly win either
at this point and at this point I'm
looking for the best candidate. When I get to the general election I'm looking
for the least worst candidate.
So thanks for your time I appreciate it and the
book is called the war...
Okay! You have a good weekend, so long.
So I believe believing Andrew Yang is a process. "Yes" You don't believe somebody right
away you first is exposure to being exposed.
"There's stages of the Yang." Right! and then your new are researching or you
are influencing and then you are exposed again you see other people what they do
and then you say what can I do to help so my skill is media, video and I play
music to you so I actually played
electronic violin at his fundraising in Flushing. "Oh Wow!" I open the show.
"Nick, are you a TV personal or something? You are so good in front of the camera." "What is your profession?"
If you look at my resume, basically has jobs
that Andrew Yang says they're going to be automatable in the next couple of years
so, that was another thing too. I was like how can I not support this guy.
You know I'm trying to find a path forward for myself. In this campaign has really
helped tremendously, just giving me hope, even a glimmer of hope this year for sure.
"When did you hear about him first?" Okay, this was late February early
March. I saw an ad on Instagram I believe and I clicked on it was Andrew Yang for
president 2020. I was like let me read up on this guy and I saw the pictures. Okay.
and then I was like my sister shortly after was watching The Breakfast Club
interviewer heard about the breakfast nook and her son watched it together and
then I watched the Joe Rogan experience podcast and it just sealed the deal for
me I was like I need to get my yang gear now and there was a limited edition
shirt you know with Andrews face on it the fact that I was like I got to get
that and I got to get my math cap be ready for the rally and they so just a
few short months later you know he's gone from someone no one's ever heard of
you know fringe to you know being between what sixth fifth fourth and the
poles and climbing in some fools you know so it's just going to continue to
grow he's been at the debates he's already qualified for the November
debate and he's gonna make it to the December debate no problem. I'm excited
for that just the growth of the campaign and the new phase that it's entered
especially with this TV ads. It was actually made by the same team that did
Bernie Sanders ads in 2016. So that team is now team Yang Gang. So you know
and I just have loved what's going on in New Hampshire and Iowa, and I have been watching
the live feeds and all of the town halls he's doing. It's enthusiastic
just the excitement and then yesterday Andrew Yang made history being the first
Asian American presidential candidate to register to sign to be on the
New Hampshire ballot, primary ballot. "I watch that!" Yes, it was awesome.
He signed it a new way forward, and the fee was $1,000, the filing fee the $1,000
but it's like poetic justice because if that's one month that's one freedom
dividend check $1,000. So I think it's coming full circle and it's just gonna
continue to grow. "So what are we doing today?" Okay, we're gonna go canvassing in
Times Square and it's gonna be near NBC here you know the Broadway so there's
gonna be a lot of passers by. It's a cold night, but we're gonna really warm
it up with, you know, Yanging and canvassing and getting people excited
and informing people just getting the word out. That just like really warms me
up warms my heart really it does. I'm gonna meet new people
new Yang Gangers. "It's like 37 degrees outside." Ya. Thank you.
"Cheers! I'm s o happy. I feel like I'm a child. Like you know, in this"
"whole revolution, a movement" The child like Oh is back.
Who is American?
Who wants a thousand dollars a month?
You're frightening my friends.
"Is?" Ya, I'm wearing the pussy hat. Wow! It's like...
"Are you Chinese?" I am from Tuo Shang.
"Tuo Shang? Oh!" Where you from? "I am from Shanghai". So fancy!
She's from Shanghai. My family is from the dirty south.
"Did you tell me your name again?" Killiam, Killiam.
If you're not American don't eat at the Olive Garden. There is much better Italian
restaurants in New York.
If you are an American,
let me talk to you about Andrew Yang!
I feel like crap.
"Are you Americans?" Yes. "Hay! do you know"
"Andrew Young?" No. "You can have a sticker." "Are you a registered Democrat?"
Yes. "Yeah Andrew Yang! We are the Yang Gang." I have already choose my candidate. "Who?"
That's my personal business. "Secret! Secret!" Yes!
I think it's more than a promise. A thousand dollars a month for
every American over the age of 18, paid for with a value-added tax on the tech
company activity. So sounds like a win with me if you
think about Jeff Bezos not paying taxes at all on Amazon.
"He's addressing Andrew Yang." Yeah I'm Andrew's personal stylist, because I want a
thousand dollars a month. Do you hear me? What will you do it a thousand dollars a
month? What would you? Are you American? No, all right, your loss. Hey!
"What would you do with a thousand dollars a month? That's my question for you!" "Yeah for you!"
"Are you a registered Democrat? Are you?" Yes.
Show me what democracy looks like!
This is what democracy looks like! Show me what democracy looks like!
We are going to NBC!
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24/7 Yanging - Andrew Yang - Yang Gang

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王惟惟 published on January 13, 2020
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