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-You've been on the road this summer.
You've been doing your tour. -Yeah.
-Has it been fun? -I like when you said,
Liberal but Gangsta, everyone kinda snickered.
[ Laughter ]
It is a dumb name for a tour.
[ Laughter ]
I just don't like that liberals are considered
like weak and stuff, you know.
It's like synonymous now.
You can't just be a liberal, but also a little gangsta.
Yeah. So this is your way of saying,
like, it's not -- "Don't think of this as a fully safe space."
-Yeah, and also, I'm not really that liberal.
[ Laughter ]
-I will say, like, of the two,
that's the one where I'm like, "Uh."
[ Laughter ]
-I just want white people to come to the shows.
[ Laughter and applause ]
-Is it working, so far? -It's workin'.
It's pretty good. -That's good.
-It's good. -Do you like the places
you've been goin'? -Yeah, we went to --
We're going to Seattle this week.
But I've been to like Chicago and Austin.
-Great. -Yeah, you know.
-That's good. Good comedy towns.
-Austin was fun, but it was very hot.
-Yeah. -It was like 105°.
It was like white Africa.
[ Laughter ]
It was the worst place.
-It's about time white people have their own Africa.
-Yeah. They gentrified Africa.
I thought we was lost.
-Have you -- You know, we got debates coming up in September
-Yeah. -and, soon, this will be
for "SNL" to handle.
Have you watched the debates, so far?
Any takeaway? -Unh-unh.
-Okay. [ Laughter ]
I watched -- I watched some of the one with --
I liked watching De Blasio.
[ Laughter ]
Well, because De Blasio's funny here,
but to see the rest of the country reject him
[ Laughter ] just, It was like,
"Oh, it's not just us, dude.
No one likes you."
[ Laughter and applause ] It was great. I liked that.
That was good.
-Is there anyone -- anyone you've seen
that's shown you anything that you like?
-I like Andrew Yang a little bit.
What do you like about Andrew Yang?
-He wasn't wearin' a tie. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ]
Both -- Both debates. He's gone tieless both debates.
Well, he's got this kinda -- Like he looks like what I think
leaders will start looking like. -Uh-huh.
Because he's got that kinda tech thing.
Like I wanna buy something from him.
-Right. [ Laughter ]
Like he looks like he should be
holdin' up a piece of something.
-Like new tech. -Yeah.
He should start every sentence with, "What if I told you..."
[ Laughter ] You know, like that kind of
-Yeah, yeah. -Steve Jobsy thing.
-Right. -Yeah, I think that's
the one thing -- -So, do you think, now,
like a tie
sort of is a way of a person saying like,
"I have not been able to invent a new thing"?
-Yeah, you just don't look current.
-Yeah, so the few -- -Like you'll never see somebody
in a tie drivin' like a Tesla.
-Yeah. Interesting.
-Yeah, you wanna, you know? -I mean, I don't think you see
people in ties driving often.
[ Laughter ]
I feel like people in ties are rarely
behind the wheels of cars in New York City.
Do you think you see a lot of like people in ties driving?
-If I saw -- If I got like into a Uber
and he was wearing a tie, I'd be, like, "What went wrong?"
-Yeah. [ Laughter and applause ]
-"What happened, dude?"
-Do you -- Are you excited by anyone?
Do you feel like there's an exciting enough group
of candidates? -No.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-It's rough. It feels like there should be somebody that's --
Like we've had three years.
We knew this guy
was gonna be president for four years.
It's always the same, right? -Yeah, it's always four years.
It's always four years. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -We knew in the next --
We should be more prepared -Yeah.
-and we're not!
[ Laughter ]
That scares me. There's no like --
Okay, don't you think it's a little weird that like
we know the next great shortstop
by like the tenth grade?
-Right. -Or the next great quarterback
when he's like 15 years old. -Right, scouts see him, yeah.
-ESPN, they're trackin' this guy.
President, we don't know until a year before
and we're like, "Maybe the guy without the tie?"
[ Laughter and applause ]
That doesn't scare you?
-So, what do you -- what do you propose?
-I think we need, as -- as much as we check on sports,
we need to do the same thing.
We need like a farm system for politicians.
We need -- We need to put like, "You wanna be a politician?
You wanna be president?
You should have to go
through like a five-year course.
It should be like bein' a Navy SEAL.
-Yeah. -It should be like a training,
[ Applause ] intense.
So you're, basically -- So you do not think that
Congress serves this purpose. -No! There's no way --
No! It's not. -[laughing] Yeah.
-It should all be -- This is the president class.
-Right. [ Laughter ]
-Donald Trump can't just be like a Navy SEAL
because he's got good hats.
[ Laughter ] -Right.
-It should be that hard. I heard somebody say,
"You know who should be the president? The Rock."
[ Laughter ]
And he can! He absolutely can.
[ Laughter ]
"Hobbs & Shaw" is that good.
-Really? [ Laughter ]
You walked out and said, "That was presidential."
-[laughing] Yeah. [ Laughter ]
I mean, more so -- -Now, I haven't seen the film.
Do they -- Do they end up friendly enough
that Shaw could be a running mate to Hobbs?
[ Laughter ] I do love that they have
to make that movie where The Rock and what's his name?
-Jason Statham? -They both have to be
equal badasses. -Yeah.
One's like 6'5". The other's like 5'10".
[ Laughter ]
If you ever wanted to see white guy privilege, that's it.
[ Laughter ]
He's equal to The Rock? Really? Come on.
[ Laughter ] Please.
-We'll be right back, with more
of Michael Che, after this. [ Cheering and applause ]
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Michael Che Thinks Democrats Should Be Better Prepared to Take On Trump

15 Folder Collection
王惟惟 published on January 13, 2020
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