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Topic 1: Some commentary about universal basic income.
I cannot imagine the world is at a--
situation currently, where you'd ever have a--
universal basic income, past
Congress. I'm not necessarily against it but, what happens to people who--
because obviously, you'd be removing Social Services and putting in its place
universal basic income, to a greater or lesser extent.
The idea is that you pay for it at least in part by the removal of services
that already exist, and it just simplifies the system.
What happens to people who don't spend their money as they should?
So you-- Let's say you remove the systems that are in place to give people food and
people don't buy enough food or something, and they spend their money on drugs, or something.
Which I'm not saying that happens frequently, I'm just saying hypothetically speaking,
What happens to this small portion people? Would there be some kind of like a
people who aren't using this money correctly or something would--
it'd be then controlled by the government is like and they'd be forced to spend on certain things, I don't know.
Cofffee, a user in chat: "There was a UBI pilot program that was done in the Massachusetts, I think.
The people who got it blew their money really quickly.
Things improved when they were assigned a financial adviser to get people to spend their money wisely."
Yeah, I guess cofffee, isn't that the same thing with-- people who win the lottery and stuff?
A lot of people who win the lottery are people who've never really had any money or never really
had to deal with saving and whatnot and so they blow the money.
But you'd assume that,
and if we're talking multi-generational--
universal basic income, eventually that would reduce right?
I've had this argument with my father Reloe, where
he would say to me "Aw Matt, they've been saying every year since I was born
that "ah-- the machines are gonna take the jobs,
and no one will have any work," and that's never been the case.
I'm like, yeah, but this is a different circumstance. Like, oh, yeah, you know, I'll believe it when I see it Matt.
When you know they get up to twenty five percent unemployment, I'll believe it then okay?
and I'm like, alright then, fair enough.
Machines have always been jobs, it's like what they say the
US has the same level of manufacturing output that it had
or-- it's even grown in the last decades.
It's just the amount of people that are needed to produce that same amount of output is less every year.
Remember phone operators? Oh, yeah. The point
my dad makes is that there's a lull where people lose jobs and then the machines, in and of themselves create new jobs, or whatever.
My problem is, machines are able to do more and more and more.
Eventually, there has to be a point, where you know, a person,
depending on the industry can do with-- A person and a machine can do the jobs of 50 people.
That machine isn't gonna create 50 jobs. Oh yeah, true Couch, as well-- the--
the sorts of jobs that-- machines take are often low skill jobs,
and the people who take those low skilled jobs can't exactly take,
you know, programming jobs or whatever, which get made by these machines.
Topic 2: Donald Trump now has a Twitch channel. Would I be willing to do a collab stream with him?
Oh, I would absolutely do a collab stream with Donald Trump. That'd be fucking hilarious, dude.
I can't think of what rules they could put in place, where I wouldn't be willing to do that.
It would just be really funny.
I think the entire time I would be trying to subtly insult the dude without being caught.
Topic 3: Two of the most infuriating kinds of people to talk to.
Oh dude, one of the worst things is finding a person. Okay--
There's a bunch of different types of people you can talk to that are really annoying to talk to,
but one where a person just full of themselves only likes to hear themselves speak
it's so annoying to talk such a person, like you can tell they're listening to nothing that you're saying and
they're waiting for you to shut up so they can speak.
Or the people who you have to like-- drag a conversation out of them.
It's like they believe the more words that they say the quicker they'll die,
so they use few syllables as possible. I would get that so much when I did online dating back in the day.
Like you could be the greatest person in the world,
but if you won't fucking talk, go fuck yourself.
Topic 4: Ranting about Australian politics when a person asked me what I think about the extreme Australian political left.
How fucked do you think he Australian political left is?
I mean I'd rather the political left than the political right, which is just, you know--
massive suppression of freedoms, backdoors in technology,
requirements for ISPs to keep metadata, human rights violations up the arse,
destruction of infrastructure, in regards to the NBN,
massive overspending on military,
sinking the budgets, It's like "Yeah, but like the left like has these
sometimes weird rules with like-- like-- pronouns and shit
I think that's way worse than like the destruction of civil liberties, and the
explosion of the deficit, the budget, over spending on the military, destruction of public services,
I mean when you really think about it, those pronouns are really repressive, so--
but Jordan Peterson said like, I could go to jail if I used the wrong pronoun, so I got a vote for the fucking--
fucking ScoMo [Scott Morrison], or whatever." Jesus.
Look up independent analyses of the handling of the economy by the coalition,
they never do well, they're never assessed to be handling it well.
They have at times happens to reign under periods where Australia has been prosperous,
but they've never been ranked well, globally, as strong economic leaders.
Labour has though. Labour won endless awards, for the handling of the economy when they were last in power,
but it doesn't matter because, you know, Rupert Murdoch is the fucking kingmaker.
By the numbers, the last few Coalition governments have been the worst led
governments in the history of Australia, in terms of getting things done or
handling the deficit, the budget, it's been awful.
It's been a complete clusterfuck, and they keep winning, because Rupert Murdoch picks who wins. It's fucking dumb.
Well, not an absolute choice, of course, but huge thumb on the fuckin scale. It's awful.
Topic 5: Again, why don't like patriotism and nationalism.
I do not like patriotism.
Nationalism, patriotism, I know people use them differently, but they are the fucking same thing.
They used interchangeably enough that-- come on.
It just leads to a blindness to the problems of your country and a
sensationalization of the strength to your country and
a distrust, or a dislike, or you know-- and maybe even a complete hatred of those
who exist outside of your country or who weren't born in your country.
It creates a sort of ingroup versus outgroup mentality, where it's your country versus the world,
when in reality, you just happen to be born in that particular part of soil, the soil, right?
Every country has its strengths and weaknesses. They've done good and bad things and what-have-you.
It's being being particularly proud of your country
over the deeds of another country, because you happen to be born there
without putting any effort into being born there. It just doesn't make sense.
We all do it to some extent but, it really is irrational.
It's not like you worked to be born in your country,
it's not like you worked to achieve whatever good things your country has ever done in the past,
you just happen to have been born there, you know.
Topic 6: My positions on legalizing and decriminalizing different drugs.
Yeah, I mean, I'm in favor of legalizing marijuana on what's-- what potential downsides or harm that could cause
seems to be nothing by comparison to what the harm of it being illegal causes, and certainly the--
the tests of the various places where it has been legalized, these places have not seen
significant negative consequences.
I wouldn't legalize all drugs,
but I would probably decriminalize all drugs in a sense that-- but so--
there are drugs that I would make it illegal to sell.
People who like-- take ice or something, I want to be treated as a mental health issue or whatever,
so these-- they get treatment as opposed to jail time.
Ice, meth, even cocaine and shit man, people shouldn't be selling that stuff.
It's chemically addictive man, and it takes a significant toll on the body.
I mean certainly-- I mean anything can be psychologically-- any--
You can have a psychological dependence to anything, like it's all in your head at that point, you know?
Topic 7: Who I would vote for in the upcoming American elections.
Yeah, I don't like the American voting system.
I don't think anyone really does, or, except the Republicans because they benefit the most from it.
Who would I vote for? Bernie Sanders.
I like people who don't just talk the talk, they walk the walk.
Especially as a person who's never been an activist myself,
has never got off his ass to actually do anything with his values.
Watching Bernie Sanders 40 year career of, you know, actually pounding the pavement.
See him early life, late life,
engaging in protests, or
fighting for the rights of workers and stuff,
I don't think he'll get everything that he wants when he's president, but I mean he seems to have
the right mindset at least, of caring about people who are worth less than, you know, a million fucking dollars.
I don't agree with everything he says, but he he seems like a genuine dude,
because you can judge him based on his actions more than his words.
The criticisms I've heard of Bernie either seem to be based on
you know, it says "he's got 15 mansions bro", or all these laughable like
"Yeah, I mean he doesn't have personally have illegal immigrants in his house", so he's a hypocrite,
as if like-- desiring something in regards to--
It's kind of like, if you desire for an expansion of health care
on the-- in the government and you don't personally run a hospital out of your house, you are somehow a hypocrite.
It's the criticisms I find off him other than you know skepticism that he can get some things done,
I find somewhat absurd.
To what extent any new presidents [are] gonna get something done? It's gonna depend on Congress, so--
Bernie clearly has gotten stuff done. I'm not denying that, but I mean I just wanna see how it goes.
Do I think he's gonna get the nomination?
Mmm, I'd put money on Warren.
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Universal Basic Income, Automation, Patriotism, Nationalism - Speedrunner Ramblings #91

14 Folder Collection
王惟惟 published on January 13, 2020
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