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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke Royal Protocol When Having Their Second Baby in the U.S.
Meghan Markle has had a rough go with the harsh press scrutiny in the U.K.,
with cruel attacks and blatant privacy invasions, Recently,
Prince Harry and his wife sued British tabloids for publishing private letters Markle wrote to her father.
Much of the criticism has been a result of Markle breaking royal protocol more often than her fellow royals.
She closed her own car door, and hugged Beyoncé,
as just a few examples of the type of heart-stopping crises the press lost their mind over.
However, Markle is considering an even higher-stakes break in tradition.
She's planning on having her second child in the United States.
The former 'Suits' star, age 38, and her husband Prince Harry, age 35, want a Cali baby.
A source close to the Duchess has revealed to Express that Markle plans to give birth to their second baby in the U.S.
Specifically, she wants to have the child in Los Angeles, where many of her friends and family members live.
Markle has said she felt “lonely' and “isolated” while pregnant with Archie.
She struggled to deal with the stress and pressures of the media and the royal schedule.
She wants a different pregnancy experience this time around.
“Meghan already told pals that when she comes to deliver her next baby,”
the source reported, “she'd like to do it in LA where she was born and bred.”
Markle's mother, Doria Raglan, still lives in LA.
Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex currently reside in Windsor, she feels far from the people she loves.
“She said that being pregnant in the UK without any of her family and friends felt incredibly lonely and uncomfortable for her.”
Meghan Markle wants to escape the news media like the Daily Mail.
The insider confirmed she wants “to buck tradition” so she can make sure “she's happy.”
Even if that means it will “ruffle feathers along the way.”
Markle won't just have the baby there, she's also going to take advantage of having her mother and other loved ones around.
“Meghan wants to spend the first three months post-birth at home in LA,” the sources said.
Markle wants to be “with Doria and bond with the baby away from prying eyes,” the source said.
“It's the place she calls home, after all, which she says is vital for her mental health.”
The duchess has been more open about her mental health.
Markle recently opened up in an emotional interview for the Royal couple's upcoming documentary about the media critics.
She agreed with ITV reporter Tom Bradby that she was “not OK,”
after dealing with the intense tabloid scrutiny while being a new mother.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are suing the Daily Mail due to Markle's letters to her father, Thomas Markle, that the publication released.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say that publishing them without her consent is a breach of copyright.
What does Prince Harry think of being the father of an American-born baby?
“Harry was initially concerned at the implications of having their second child in the US.
He also worried about “the problems it could cause with his family,” Express's source told them.
We're not sure how the Royal family would react to yet another break in protocol.
“But it's believed he'll support Meghan and do whatever it takes to make her happy and alleviate any anxieties or stresses,”
the insider said of Prince Harry.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will soon take a six-week break from all of their Royal duties.
They'll visit Meghan's mother in Los Angeles during this time.
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Harry and Meghan broke Royal Protocol When Having Their Second Baby in U.S

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on January 5, 2020
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