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today I want to tell you about the Chowpal it's the new Meal Time multi-tool by
outdoor edge the unique thing about the ChowPal it's all stainless steel
construction and it incorporates a razor-sharp stainless steel knife blade
there's a lot of eating utensils out there they really don't come with an
effective knife so here you have a nice razor sharp knife effective cutting tool
the blade has a secure lock I'm going to go ahead and lock the blade now it's all
put together what I'm going to do pull it apart now I have a fully functional
knife and fork and I'm ready to eat so I'm going to take this and cut my
sausage I'm going to close a knife at the end of the knife you have a spoon on
the fork I have a can opener over here is a bottle opener
does it graduated wrench on the end of the knife there's a flathead screwdriver
and now to put it all together what I'm going to do is take the fork put it in
the center slot line up the hub here and click it's all put together it comes
with a nice nylon bag keep the Chowpal nice and clean with a drawstring and
there it is the ChowPal by outdoor edge
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Outdoor Edge ChowPal Utensil Set Multi-Tool

127 Folder Collection
Shinichiro published on November 29, 2019
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