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Hi there. My name is Dug.
And I am on a mission to meet new friends!
- Hi there. - Oh my God!
Did he just talk?
I did!
I did just talk!
I've never met a talking dog!
And I have never met a nicer smelling human.
How does it talk?
I may talk because my collar allows me to talk.
Where is your owner?
My master?
He is on a blimp with a small mailman.
You're a good boy.
Thank you. I am also a good dog.
Oh I love that spot!
It is the best spot.
Except for the spot you are petting right now, that is the new best spot.
You like "all over scratch."
Oh I do. I do like all over scratch.
Ball! I hear a ball!
You are going to throw it!
You are going to-BALL!
Wait. You still have the ball.
That was a trick.
But you will not trick me this-BALL!
Oh no, you are in the Cone of Shame.
I do not like the Cone of Shame.
Do you know where the camera is?
I do not know what a camera is.
It's in the phone.
Can we play fetch with the phone?
No, I...
I have just met you, and I love you.
I like your gray shirt, tiny human!
You smell very nice today.
- Thank you, it's my... - Squirrel!
I thought I saw a squirrel on your face, but it was only fur.
I must go find a stick.
But, I love you!
Bye Dug!
Bye Dug. He drooled on me.
Goodbye, tiny human!
Where is he going?
Come back doggie!
Okay, I am coming back.
I am coming to get the ball.
Oh, you have thrown the ball!
Do not worry, I will get it back for you.
Now you have the ball!
And you have thrown it again.
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Disney•Pixar’s Dug the Talking Dog In Real Life | Oh My Disney IRL

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Mackenzie published on November 25, 2019    Mackenzie translated    Victoria reviewed
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