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ladies and gentlemen welcome on board
this Turkish Airlines flight our safety
briefing is important which is why we've
created one with a touch of magic
carefully stow your hand luggage in the
overhead bins or under the seat in front
of you when the seatbelt sign is on
please fasten your seatbelt keep it
fastened invisible while seated the crew
will provide loop belts for infants you
can release it as shown here when needed
it is illegal to smoke on this flight
including electronic cigarettes it is
also strictly prohibited to smoke in the
toilets which are equipped with smoke
detectors set your mobile phones and all
electronic devices to flight mode for
takeoff and landing please switch them
off unplug them and stow them away
in case of loss of cabin pressure oxygen
masks will drop down automatically pull
the nearest mask over your nose and
mouth make sure your mask is well
adjusted before helping your child on
the command brace for impact
take the brace position as you see here
emergency exits are located on each side
of the cabin at the front Center and
the exit signs help you locate them take
a moment now to locate the nearest sign
which may be behind you in the event of
an emergency evacuation leave the
aircraft following the exit signs in the
illuminated path along the aisle or
between the seats as you exit please
leave all hand luggage high heels and
sharp objects behind not to impede the
rapid evacuation your life vest is
located here or here place it over your
head and pull the straps tight
inflate as you leave the plane by
pulling the red toggles or blowing into
the tubes the light will come on when in
contact with water or by pulling the
plug on the battery the crew will
provide life vests for infants please
only remove and put the life vest on if
instructed to inflate it immediately
exit doors are fitted with slides which
will be operated by the crew in case of
an emergency for takeoff and landing
please make sure that your tray table is
closed your window blind is open and
that your seat back is fully upright
please stow your footrest video screen
and headset thank you for your attention
for more details please read the safety
card in your seat pocket and enjoy your
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Turkish Airlines Safety Video with Zach King

299 Folder Collection
Jason Luo published on November 17, 2019
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