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Hey, guys.
My name is Michelle.
Recently, my personal life fell apart, and I almost had to go to the hospital.
And all this happened because the person who I thought was my friend, was slowly poisoning
So, this is my boyfriend, Matt, we've been dating for over a month, and recently he asked
me out on a double date.
It was supposed to be Matt and I, and his friend with his girlfriend.
It sounded interesting and we met for a walk in the park.
Greg and Dina had also started their relationship just a couple weeks ago, and they seemed pretty
nice to me.
The only strange thing was that Dina was often silent, and she would look at me and my boyfriend
I guess she was just a little uncomfortable with the new group.
Anyway, we started seeing each other more often, but soon strange things started happening.
And I was kind of embarrassed about it because I was disrupting our get togethers.
I mean, not on purpose!
I remember the night it happened for the first time.
We had big plans.
We were going to the movies, then to some cafe, and then to a little party at Greg's
Matt and I were in line for tickets, and Greg and Dina came over with a pile of food and
We were very excited, and were just thinking about how cool our evening was going to be.
But, unfortunately, I couldn`t go to the party.
While we were watching the movie, I started to feel bad.
I started to have a strong headache, and I just wanted to sleep.
I really wanted to keep hanging out, but I just couldn't.
I was sorry, but I asked Greg to take me home.
I knew how much he wanted to keep hanging out, but he was understanding.
He knew that I didn't do it on purpose.
But a few days later it happened again.
The four of us were at an amusement park, and after lunch, I had the same symptoms,
and I had to leave again.
I didn't know what it was.
All the symptoms always disappeared the next morning.
Then it repeated several more times.
I honestly tried to fight it.
I endured headaches and drowsiness, but I still infected the party with my bad mood.
I was very ashamed of it.
Besides, I could see that Matt was getting tired of it.
And I could understand him.
Imagine your girlfriend telling you that it's time to leave in the midst of the fun over
and over again.
So he was often upset.
He didn't say anything to me about it, but his patience soon came to an end.
Matt had a birthday, and he decided to organize a mini-hike.
We loaded the tents and food into the car, picked up Greg and Dina, and headed out of
We found a beautiful clearing near a lake, camped there, and prepared for the best weekend
of our lives.
We swam in the lake, played volleyball, then started a fire and started cooking dinner.
Everything had to go perfectly.
But after dinner I started to feel bad again.
I didn't want to spoil the party, so I hid my feelings as best I could.
I continued to eat, to talk, to have fun, and to laugh.
But my symptoms continued to get worse.
This time I had a bad stomach ache and had to ask Matt to drive me home.
The party was over, and Matt's birthday was ruined.
And it was my fault.
Worst of all, I couldn't even control it.
In the middle of the night we had to pack everything and go back to the city.
We drove in complete silence in a very tense atmosphere.
I knew Matt was really angry at the time, and I was really sorry that it was my fault.
Matt came to my house the next morning and we had a conversation.
He said he was tired of my moods and he didn`t like that I was constantly disrupting get
togethers with his friends.
I always started to feel bad only when the four of us got together.
That's a very strange coincidence, isn't it?
He thought I just didn't like Greg and Dina, and that every time I would ruin the get-together
on purpose.
It hurt his feelings, because Greg was his best friend, and if he had to choose between
me and him, he would choose Greg.
As you can probably understand, we broke up and I was very sad about that.
I couldn't understand why he thought I did it on purpose.
How could he think such a thing?
But there was nothing I could do about it.
He left me.
I was pining for him, wondering why it happened.
It was a really weird fact that I only felt bad when we all got together.
There was something strange about it, and I didn`t understand what.
But soon there was another event that gave me a chance to figure everything out.
Greg stopped me when I was walking down the school hallway.
He looked very sad and worried.
It turned out that it was not just me who had problems in their personal life.
Greg said that Dina dumped him, and he didn't understand why she did it.
He suspected that Dina had another boyfriend, so she decided to break up with him.
He was very upset and didn't know what to do.
He asked me if maybe I could talk to her and try to find out what was going on.
I agreed.
You know, despite what my ex-boyfriend thought about me, I really liked Greg and Dina, and
I thought of them as my friends.
So I couldn't refuse to help them.
I went to her that same day after the next class, when she was near her locker.
I tried to start from afar, and told her how I had broken up with Matt, and then asked
her how she was doing with Greg.
But she was aggressive from the start.
She obviously didn't want to talk because she was hiding something.
She was especially nervous when I looked in her locker.
I thought there might be a picture of her with her new boyfriend, or a note from him.
Whatever it was, it was definitely there.
Ok look, I think that I'm an honest and decent person, and I would never go through other
people's stuff.
There was clearly something wrong.
As a friend, she could have told me everything, but she started acting weird.
So she was definitely hiding something.
I looked around and made sure no one was near me.
I've seen her open it dozens of times, at least enough to figure out the code.
Then I opened her locker, and I started looking for something.
But what I found gave me the creeps.
There was a bottle of pills.
It was a strong sedative.
I think it was prescribed to Dina's mother, and it looks like she stole it from her.
But that was not the point.
The jar had the side effects of the drug written on it.
And guess what?
Among them were headache and nausea.
Here it was!
The puzzle formed in my head.
That's why I felt bad every time we got together.
Dina was slipping me these pills.
First in my coke, when we were at the movies, then in the park.
And most importantly, at Matt's birthday picnic.
And she was doing it to turn my boyfriend against me.
That's why Matt thought I was just cranky and didn't like his friends.
She put him up to it!
She set up everything!
But why?
The answer was obvious.
She liked Matt, and that's why she looked at him awkwardly in the first place, and that's
why she got nervous when we started talking about guys.
I took this bottle of medicine, closed the locker, and left.
Greg and I had a lot to talk about.
The situation was clear.
Dina was dating Matt now, and we were both losers in that situation.
But we weren't going to put up with it, so we figured out how to punish them.
All we had to do was catch them together.
And soon we succeeded.
One day Greg and I walked into the dining room and found our exes sitting at a table
We sat down right in front of them, as if nothing had happened.
We clearly caught them off guard.
Greg immediately started to provoke them, and soon an argument began.
The boys shouted loudly and insulted each other, then they got up and wanted to start
fighting, but then other people began to try to separate them.
This hustle was exactly what I needed.
While everyone was looking at them, I quickly slipped them this medicine that I stole from
Dina so they'd both know how unpleasant it was.
Soon the school's security came, and stopped the brawl.
Greg and I left so they could continue their lunch in peace.
Now all I had to do was wait until the medicine started to work.
And it happened.
After the next lesson, Matt and Dina found me in the hallway.
They were so angry.
Or rather as angry as the sedative could allow.
Dina accused me of putting something in their food.
And it was a stupid thing to do, because I had all the cards.
I took out the bottle of medicine with Dina's last name on it and told my ex everything
about how she had slowly poisoned me while we hung out so he would eventually leave me.
But the thing is, I overdosed them a little bit, and their symptoms were much stronger
than mine.
They even had to go to the hospital for help.
Greg and I sat outside the ER, waiting for the doctors to examine them.
Greg was calm, he was absolutely sure that we had done the right thing.
Dina not only stole my boyfriend, she also broke up two friends.
I can understand Greg too, his girlfriend was dating his best friend now.
That must have hurt his ego a lot.
But I was really worried.
We had committed a crime, and if Matt and Dina had gone to the police, Greg and I could
have a huge problem.
Thank God they were OK.
But I was very scared, because it could've ended very badly.
It makes me feel guilty.
That's the lesson I learned from this situation.
Revenge is always bad.
In any case.
After that, Matt apologized to me and wanted to make up.
I accepted the apology, but I didn't want to date a guy who doesn't trust his girlfriend,
and instead of offering to help her, he listens to other people's opinions about her.
Thanks for watching!
Do you think they deserved to be punished for what they did?
Write about it in the comments.
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