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This is ridiculous!
Why do we let them do this to us every summer?
As soon as school is out, they ship us all to some stupid camp!
I'll bet there isn't a soul who has any idea where we're going!
We don't even know where the camp is!
Well, I for one, don't even know if I'm on the right bus.
- So.. - Yeah yeah..
You're on the right one.
My name's not yeah yeah. My name is Eudora.
And I've never been to camp before.
Well I'm Sally. You'll see. You'll have a great time.
You're lying, aren't you Sally?
Last week my mother said to me, "Eudora, I think you should go to summer camp."
So here I am in the wilderness.
It's not too bad, and you may even like it. You'll see.
So, I'll ask you the same thing I asked her, "What if I get eaten by an antelope?"
I really don't like sleep away camp in general, Sally.
And I don't like this camp.
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Peanuts-Minisode-A New Best Firend

3218 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on November 11, 2019    Karen translated    Evangeline reviewed
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