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With Halloween around the corner, what better than to revisit our favourite ghoulish family,
the Addamses. You could mistake this for a Tim Burton movie but no, luckily he didn't
get his hands on this one. Many adaptations have been made, but will the new movie meet
expectations, and does it stay true to the original comics? That's what I'll go through
My name is Georgia and welcome to Alltime Movies! And this is The Addams Family, vs
The Addams Family…
The Addams Family first appeared as a comic strip in the New York Times in 1938. If you
enjoy dark humour, you'd love the comic! The recurring characters are the mother, the father,
their two children and their Frankenstein-looking butler. Oh and don't forget their servant,
“Thing”, who is always there to lend a hand. But back in the early days, the family
didn't have any names. Thanks to the 1964 TV series that ran for two seasons on ABC,
today we know them as Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley and Lurch.
Have you seen the series? Let me know in the poll above!
Even though the family has a sadistic streak - building torture instruments, putting Santa
in a death trap or pouring boiling oil over carol singers - they still are a loving family.
They care for each other and they're polite to guests. But like any family, conflicts
occur, and it's not uncommon for the children to try taking each other's lives.
What was unique about the comic was how it stood out from everything else at the time.
The characters were well written even as early as 1938, and each family member had their
own characteristics. Like the mother, she was cool and detached, but loving towards
her husband, while he was the emotional and enthusiastic one.
Their surname, Addams, comes from their creator, Charles Addams. He was a freelance artist
who created many comics for the New York Times from 1938 until his death in 1988. Charles
is known for is the gothic and scary vibe to his cartoons. He loved to set stories in
dark mansions, graveyards and castles with all types of monsters. The Addams Family became
his most famous work.
As you can probably guess from the comics, Charles was different as a child. The macabre
(ma-carb) fascinated him his entire life. He was born and raised in Westfield, New Jersey
and after school he liked to visit the cemetery. During his childhood he lived in two different
houses, which were the inspiration behind the Addams' home. Charles' sense of humour
stood out from his friends and he was known as the “rascal around the neighbourhood”.
Morticia Addams was inspired by his first wife, Barbara Jean Day, which kind of tells
you how he saw the world.
Rumour has it that Charles had some strange routines that, I guess, helped him get into
the Addams-mindset. He slept in a coffin, drank margaritas with eyeballs in, not human
ones though! And he collected instruments of torture. Rumour also has it that he received
fan letters containing chopped off fingers. I really hope that wasn't true...
There have been many adaptations of The Addams Family, from movies to animated series to
video games. But what makes the new animated version stand out from the others?
If you've seen the trailer you can tell that the new creators, Greg Tiernan [Tee-ur-nun]
and Conrad Vernon, kept close to the original comics. The character designs look similar
to Addams' cartoons, which as a fan, is great. The film also seems to have retained the essence
of the dark humour, since the comedy still comes from the Addamses being spooky and kooky,
and always doing the wrong thing in any situation.
The main thing that makes this Addams family different is that they are set in the 21st
century. For instance, we haven't seen Wednesday's beauty routine before - I never knew that
she used ashes as eyeshadow...
The movie's storyline is also different, it starts off with the Addams' origin story and
the wedding of Morticia and Gomez. Then it moves on to the preparations for Pugsley's
coming of age ceremony, called “Sabre Mazurka” [Say-bur Ma-zo-ka] which brings the entire
family to the Addams mansion. Wednesday stands out at school (in the wrong way), which is
how we meet the newest characters in the Addamsverse: Wednesday's friend, Parker, who's mum, Margaux
[Mar-go] is a reality TV star who soon find Sher business interests in a new housing estate
threatened by the Addams family's mere presence…
It's hard to miss the star-studded cast [visuals: scrolling imdb list]. And it's sadly
hard to forget that the creators previously worked on Sausage Party... hmmmm. So far the
movie hasn't done hugely well with critics. But the studio has confirmed a sequel will
be released in 2021.
Though the thing is, I feel like I've seen this before… And no, I'm not referring to
the Addams Family movies and TV cartoon, but to the premise, the whole “crazy friends
and family are coming over to a big scary mansion to join a celebration” stuff. [Vizuals:
playing clip from Hotel Transylvania, first movie when guest are arriving to celebrate
Maviz] Aha! I knew it! Rip off!
Are you planning to watch The Addams Family in the cinema? Or have you already seen it?
Let me know in the comments below!
For now I've been Georgia, thank you for watching AllTime Movies. I'll see you next
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The Evolution of The Addams Family | Original Comics vs The Movies

52 Folder Collection
邱于嘉 published on November 2, 2019
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